Missile operations instructor to AFROTC instructor

  • Published
  • By Capt. Sydney Pfeffer
  • 373rd Training Squadron, ICBM Field Training Detachment

If you had the opportunity to teach the next generation of Air Force officers, would you take it? One captain assigned to the 90th Missile Wing at F.E Warren Air Force Base has been selected for the Officer Instructor Special Duty Program. 

Captain Daniel Hanel, a 13N Missileer assigned to the 90th Operations Support Squadron, Emergency War Orders Plans Flight, is taking his operational experience to Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps.

Throughout his Air Force career, Hanel has served as a Missile Combat Crew Instructor, Combat Crew Commander, and Chief of ICBM Combat Crew Communications.

“We supervise targeting operations and perform targeting validation/verification; maintain, control and issue Positive Control material; maintain, control, and issue Communications Security material; and create, maintain, control, and issue Top Secret material,” said Hanel.

Receiving the application notification of eligibility on MyVector, Hanel decided to apply and underwent an interview with his Squadron Commander, earned an endorsement, selected location billets, and was matched to a college detachment by AFPC.

Following that, Hanel was selected as the Assistant Professor of Aerospace Studies for Detachment 010 at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, where he will teach Air Science courses to first-year officer candidates.

“I'll also be responsible for ensuring they are trained in Air Force customs and courtesies, uniform wear, conduct, drill and ceremonies, and so on,” said Hanel. “Essentially everything you'd get from Basic, just spread over the course of a three-, four-, or five-year span.”

Through Hanel’s role as a flight commander, he gained invaluable experience he can instill in his cadets. From administration of accounts to supervisory roles and solutions, Hanel feels he can apply his knowledge to the academic careers of hundreds of students. 

“What most excites me about this assignment is the opportunity to set the stage for future careers. I really remember my cadre at Ohio State University: how they acted, the way they talked about the Air Force and their jobs,” said Hanel. “I am excited for the challenge of setting the best possible example for future generations of Air Force officers.

Captain Hanel is departing F.E. Warren this summer to start the next chapter of his career with AFROTC.