Meet Your ... Public Affairs Ops Chief

  • Published
  • By Staff Reports
  • 90th Missile Wing

What’s your name?

Joseph “Cos” Coslett


Where do you work?

90th Missile Wing Public Affairs


So what do you do around here?

I am a communication pioneer and storyteller. As a communication pioneer, with my team we explore new ways to communicate and better ways to tell the Air Force story. The team and I spend most of our time spreading the word about things happening around the base and educating people about the AWESOME things Wranglers do day in, day out.


Where are you from?

Margate, Florida now Cheyenne, Wyoming


Were you active duty?

I was active duty for 21 years as a C-130 Hercules maintainer and public affairs officer.


If so, what did you do in the military?

The first nine years of my career I was a maintainer on C-130 Hercules aircraft as a guidance and control specialist in Germany. Then I became an officer. I did public affairs for the rest of the time in the Air Force.   


What’s your alma mater, if you care to share?

I don’t know what alma mater means but if it is my schools they are, Embry Riddle University and Webster University.


Do you have any hobbies? If so, what are they?

Being a father to a miracle child and spouse to an EPIC woman. My job as a Public Affairs Master Jedi, I love teaching others how to better communicate and lead and just being part of an AWESOME team of communication pioneers. Next, it would be vlogging either on my leadership channel or my upcoming Boot Challenge across Cheyenne.


What are your favorite sports team(s), if any?

This year it is the Tampa Bucaneers, they won the Super Bowl, don’t ya know. Last year, it was the Kansas City Chiefs. As you guessed, I’m a bandwagoneerJ I just like winning. What easier way than being a fan of a winning team right?


What do you want the wing to know about you?

Tell Public Affairs about your great people or missions, so we can tell your story and let the rest of the world know the great things your doing!


What’s your favorite quote or saying?

Faith can move mountains, but fear can build mountains.