Competitors needed: 890th Ammo Can Challenge

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Abbigayle Williams
  • 90th Missile Wing Public Affairs

Do you have what it takes to beat Maj. Lycan at the 890th Ammo Can Challenge?

In 2018 the 890 Ammo Can Challenge was created at F.E. Warren Air Force Base, Wyo., to increase fitness levels and spark a sense of competition within 890th Missile Security Forces Squadron Airmen.

The two-minute challenge is one-on-one with the reigning champion. The goal is to do as many overhead presses, with a 30-pound ammo can, within the time limit.

“The can has a handle and I will take it anywhere,” said Maj. David Lycan, 890th Missile Security Forces Squadron commander. “I want more people to step up to the plate and take the challenge.”

While the challenge was created at F.E. Warren AFB, anyone can challenge Lycan, the reigning champion, for the can. In fact, Chief Master Sgt. Brady Mccoy, 90th SFS manager, is in the process of setting up a FaceTime challenge with an Airman at Vandenberg Air Force Base, Cali.

If anyone challenges Lycan and wins, but is not stationed at F.E. Warren, the golden can will be packaged and shipped to the winner. Upon receiving the golden ammo can, you can place your unit patch on it, if applicable, and your name tape.

“Although this challenge was created for 890 we do not want it to end there,” said Lycan. “This challenge gives Airmen pride, camaraderie and develops a warrior ethos. If you win the can from me, keep the challenge going and expect me to come back for it.”

In addition to the 890th Ammo Can Challenge, Security Forces here, participates in the Marine Combat Fitness Test twice a year. Of course, all the Airmen are still required to maintain standards in the traditional Air Force Physical Fitness Test, until the Air Force Security Forces’ PFT changes.

A component of the Marine CFT is a timed ammo can lift.

Traditionally Airmen have a higher Marine CFT score when they practice for the Ammo Can Challenge.

The 890th MSFS has created one final component to encourage increased fitness. Any Airman that can get a passing score on the Marine CFT and has at least a 90 on the AF PFT, along with several other requirement, will receive an excellence 890th patch.

This patch, while similar to the 890th MSFS patch, has a gold border and stands out from the rest. Upon completion of all standards and presentation of the patch, Airmen will be able to wear it on morale Fridays.

Overall the 890th Ammo Can Challenge was created to help Airmen with their fitness goals and to achieve a higher standard of excellence.

So there has been a lot of talk, but not many have stepped up to take the challenge. Do you have what it takes?