Getting fit to fight with unit PT

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Christopher Ruano
  • 90th Missile Wing Public Affairs

From regular personal fitness to healthy nutrition, there are a multitude of avenues to get fit. Squadron physical training is one of those avenues units can use to ensure everyone in their unit is getting a good workout while also building esprit de corps.


“For us in the 90th Security Forces Group, fit to fight is exactly what it means. We are the ones that carry guns, and protect those on the instillation and our resources out in the missile field,” said Staff Sgt. Kenneth Volkert, 790th Missile Security Forces Squadron NCO in charge of training. “If we are not fit to fight to secure the base’s ICBM arsenal from America’s enemies, then the mission doesn’t succeed. We would fail as a whole, while failing our country-- that’s why being fit to fight is critical.”


Squadron commanders have the option per the 90th Missile Wing commander’s PT policy to implement group PT in their units. One such unit which enjoys this benefit is the 790th MSFS.


“Squadron PT is important for many reasons, number one is that it holds you and those around you to a standard,” said Senior Airman Tyle Fields, 790th MSFS physical training leader. “There are going to be Airmen who don’t have the motivation to go to the gym on their own. If someone needed to do a body drag and they can’t do that for 50 meters, then it lets a lot of people down. Your fellow Airmen are probably going to die just because you’re not physically fit to fight.”


Fields explained that his main job as a PTL is to get everyone physically fit to ensure they meet or exceed the standards required to pass their PT test when it comes due.


The 790th MSFS does unit PT at least twice a week, focusing on cardio and muscular endurance. They perform workouts, to include push-ups, sit-ups, sprinting drills, planks, squats and kettlebell lifts to improve their overall fitness.


“Every unit should be getting involved in their own group physical training. We are the military; we’re supposed to set ourselves apart from the civilian populace,” Volkert said. “We should be the ones ready to out-PT anybody in any situation.”


The 790th MSFS receives multiple new Airmen a year, and their first challenge is to get accustomed to the high altitude. The workouts are hard and the Airmen are pushed hard, but finish with a smile.


“Our Airmen love it. A lot of them may grunt through it because we push them to their limits,” Volkert said. “They know they get a full workout and feel like they have accomplished something.”


Many of the workouts involve team building, which brings the unit closer together. They finish their workout with a massive sit-up formation. Locking arms, they cannot rise as one without the help from the Airmen next to them.


“Today’s PT session was an awesome one,” said Zack Zebrowski, 790th MSFS PT participant. “Our PTL, Airman Fields, is doing an amazing job along with Staff Sgt. Volkert. It gets us ready for our PT test and possible deployments downrange.”