37th HS trains for real world operations

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Christopher Ruano
  • 90th Missile Wing Public Affairs

The 37th Helicopter Squadron held emergency security response and search and rescue training in the F.E. Warren Air Force Base missile complex, here, Dec. 16.

This training allows the 37th HS to maintain their preparedness for any situation that presents itself.

“To put it simply the mission of the helicopter squadron is missile security,” said 1st Lt. Sean Vincent, 37th HS assistant chief of training. “We support the convoys and the operations out in the missile field. Our secondary mission is search and rescue, where we can assist the civilian emergency services in the surrounding area.”

The emergency security response training consisted of 790th Missile Security Forces Squadron members being inserted by the 37th HS and securing their area of responsibility at a launch facility.

The SAR training was the second aspect of the days’ drills. The training involved flying out to the training site and using the rescue hoist on the aircraft.

“I am primarily the main scanner for the helicopter, searching the terrain for lost individuals,” said Staff Sgt. Cody Meyer, 37th HS flight engineer. “If we did find a person the pilots and I would make a plan for the best way to retrieve them. A big asset we have is the rescue hoist that allows us to pick that person up or send down the flight doctor to provide care.”

The 37th HS offers unique capabilities to the 90th MW in defending the ICBMs and assisting the community if called upon.