Deployed Spouse’s Program supports families on FEW

  • Published
  • By Terry Higgins
  • 90th Missile Wing Public Affairs

Snow is predicted in excess and Senior Airman Joe Snuffy is deployed. Unfortunately, he did not enroll his family in the Deployed Spouse’s Program offered through Balfour Beatty Communities.  If Snuffy had enrolled in the program, his family would have been better prepared for his absence.


Snow removal is just one of the services that Balfour Beatty Communities’ Deployed Spouse’s Program offers.  Additional services include extended lawn care, and removal of weeds from flowerbeds. 


“The Deployed Spouse’s Program is something that I am very proud of because not all Balfour Beatty Community Properties are able to offer these services,” said Melissa Jackson, F.E. Warren Balfour Beatty Community manager.


The services ensure family members have help with tasks which would normally be provided by the deployed member. They can also serve as a morale booster to the family and the deployed Airman.


“It’s been so nice to not have to worry about maintaining the yard or shoveling the driveway and walkway.  I’m so thankful for this service and happy that housing offers extra help to deployed spouses,” said Amanda Opokuagyemang, a current member of the Deployed Spouse’s Program.


Eligibility and Application Requirements 


Currently Balfour Beatty Communities offers the services through the Deployed Spouse’s Program to Warren housing residents who are deployed or on unaccompanied orders.


Balfour Beatty has made an effort to simplify the application process for the Deployed Spouse’s Program.  Housing residents can stop by the Community Management Office at 281 Blue Spruce Drive to submit an application and provide a copy of deployment orders. The application can be submitted by either the military member or a spouse.  If you have any questions or concerns, call (307)432-0200, email, or visit the Community Management Office.


Don’t be like SrA Snuffy. Apply for the services that are provided through the Deployed Spouse’s Program to ensure that your family is better prepared.