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Spring Fire Safety Tips

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Paul Garcia
  • F.E. Warren Fire Emergency Services Assistant Chief, Fire Prevention

Spring is here, and with that cleaning up from the long winter, making repairs around the home and enjoying the outdoors. Keeping a few safety thoughts in mind will help ensure a fun enjoyable spring and summer.


The F.E. Warren Fire Department would like everyone to enjoy the nice weather and activities that come this time of year.  It may not seem like much, but getting things organized around the house inside and out can help prevent a fire, ensure a quick egress for emergencies or even help responders once they are on scene.


Inside the home:


  • Check and clean smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Practice exit drills with your family
  • Prepare for storm related outages – flashlights, radio, candle, first aid kit
  • Check your fire extinguishers

Outside and around the yard:


  • Make sure your address numbers are visible from the street
  • Clean up yard debris and cut back dead limbs and grasses
  • Check outdoor electrical outlets and other electrical appliances
  • Get you grill cleaned and serviced and check all propane tanks and lines

In the garage or shed:


  • Clean up and properly store paints, pool and yard chemicals
  • Check fuel containers for leaks and make sure they are properly stored
  • Have all power equipment cleaned, serviced and readied for use
  • Ensure your garage or shed is properly ventilated

Spring is a great time that everyone looks forward to. The long winter is behind us and it’s time to get out enjoy the warmer weather.


“F.E. Warren Fire Department wants everyone to have a plan this spring” said Assistant Fire Chief, Greg Chesser. “These simple tips will help ensure a safe season of activities and a safe home to enjoy them in.”


Please feel free to contact the F.E. Warren Fire Department for any further information at 773-2931.