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AFA: Truly committed

F.E. Warren AFB, Wyo -- It's with a great deal of pride and humility that I highlight your Air Force Association and its commitment and dedication to our uniformed services.

Air Force members put themselves in harm's way virtually every day and ask for nothing in return. Our freedoms and piece of mind are fruits of their labor, and we owe them our respect, loyalty and total support.

Your Air Force Association endeavors to make us citizens aware of our national defense issues and lobbies for the rights and comforts of these young men and women. Your Air Force Association enjoys a lobbying program in Washington, D. C., second to none, and is formulated to ensure our Airmen get the best possible support at the national level.

As times change, we find many of our servicemembers deploying to far-off places-forced to leave their families behind. We feel the trauma and loneliness they experience, and we must make every effort to alleviate or lessen these burdens whenever we can.

The Air Force Association attempts to lessen the burden with meaningful and tangible recognition programs. It's also important to remember the spouses and children at home, and offer a helping hand. Recently, we were privileged to partner with the Warren Spouses Club in providing cookies for Airmen who were unable to go home for the holidays. We were also proud to furnish refreshments for a dinner honoring spouses and children of deployed personnel. Our partners in the local community are extremely generous and make it possible for us to participate in these programs.

The AFA partnered with the Military Affairs Committee of the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce and provided treats for troops of all services on duty Christmas Day. We are strong advocates of the quarterly and annual awards programs on base and ensure tangible and meaningful recognition for those selected as the best of the best.

"Support" is a very meaningful word that provides positive, far-reaching results. It is inherent upon each and every one of us to make the extra effort to extend a helping hand, a kind word or just an interest in their welfare. These servicemen and women are far from home and don't have the support advantages we enjoy. Please make it your New Year's resolution to be a part of making a positive difference in their lives.