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101 Critical Days of Summer ends

F.E. Warren AFB, Wyo. -- Another 101 Critical Days of Summer ended Labor Day. Our theme this year was "Know Your Limits." Our goal was to ensure our people know and choose to abide by those limitations. In this year's campaign, we concentrated our efforts in three main areas: private motor vehicles, motorcycles and sports and recreation activities. For 15 weeks, the 20th Air Force performed admirably and I know our folks will continue this trend. 

From last year, 20th AF experienced a 36 percent reduction in reportable mishaps during the 101 CDoS. We were very fortunate to have zero fatalities this year. 

Although the numbers from this summer are promising, there is always room for improvement. We must remain vigilant during the other 264 days of the year. 

Commanders and supervisors, this is your task - keep our Airmen safe and give them the information and the tools to keep their families safe by reinforcing the "Know Your Limits" edict every chance you get. For all Airmen, remember, you are the key to safety. A safety net of friends and family can make the difference and prevent a mishap, but it is you who must take the first step. In fact, by practicing risk management and using a wingman philosophy, you may save a life and that life may be your own. 

We had a fantastic run during the 2007 101 Critical Days of Summer campaign. I am thankful 20th AF has a strong culture of safety. The success of our mission lies with the emphasis you and your people place on a safe work environment, but we must carry that over to our personal lives as well. Only the best, brightest and most dependable people in the world can do what you do. Your efforts to reduce mishaps are working, so please continue to work smart and practice good operational risk management. Sharon and I are humbled to be a part of the 20th AF family and would like to wish you and your families continued success as we end the 101 Critical Days of Summer and begin the next chapter.