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Mission execution, family time critical for Mighty Ninety

  • Published
  • By Col. Greg Tims
  • 90th Missile Wing commander
You can smell it in the air. Some call it Fall, I call it football. I love football -- all levels of football actually. Youth football is still pure in its fundamentals. High school is probably my favorite. I like professional football players who are model citizens who give their time and money back to their communities. I believe a good football coach teaches more than the game itself, but can teach our youth at an early age about life. Some teams are in a rebuilding year while others have aspirations of wearing championship rings. I could draw many analogies on the game and compare it to what we do here in the 90th, but I won't. I won't because we do not have the luxury to call a time out when things are in a chaotic state to sort through the issues. I won't because we do not get "half time" to rest, regroup and to play the second half. I won't because we don't have the ability to have rebuilding years. We play every day for our nation because we simply cannot lose. I hope you get a chance to enjoy the football season with family and friends because you deserve it. No doubt from my seat at the table, it is indeed obvious the Mighty Ninety continues to roll on like a super bowl champion.

Many know I am not a fan of drag-on meetings. I dislike meetings lacking a purpose. First, you need to ask yourself, "Why do we need this meeting?" Some are mandated by operating instructions. Okay, I got that, but many are not. Is the meeting intended to solve problems? Disseminate information? Is it to get a message across? Or possibly a brainstorming session needed on a particular issue. Nevertheless, be sure to set expectations up front.

I share this with you because I just got back from Air Force Global Strike Command ICBM Sustainment General Officer Steering Group meeting at Kirtland Air Force Base, N.M. This is the second time we held one, and there is no doubt these meetings are problem solving meetings. We do solve problems and chart a course on other issues on how to get to the finish line. These are the most productive meetings I have ever attended while in the Air Force. Ann Mitchell, the AFGSC A4/7, chairs these meetings. They are fast paced and you need to be sure your issues are relevant and ready to discuss at an in-depth level. I like these meetings because the results help the men and women of Warren. While they are maintenance focused, solving issues that pertain to our missile field's infrastructure frees up unnecessary dispatches that impact our Airmen who work in logistics, security forces, operations, civil engineering, 24-hour work centers, etc.

The 2010 Tops in Blue team put on an outstanding performance at the Civic Center last Tuesday evening. I hope you made it out there! Performing for Airmen, families and friends worldwide since 1953, Tops in Blue once again demonstrated that talented Air Force professionals can - and do, on a regular basis - provide world-class entertainment! Their musical choices spanned the generations, with everything from the Big Band era to Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson to Lady Gaga! Such an incredible performance wouldn't have been possible though without a dedicated team supporting them while here in Cheyenne. Tara Morton and Robin Lauser, both from the 90th Force Support Squadron, were key leaders of the 90th FSS team who made them completely feel welcome. Additionally, our wing spouses, led by Deanna Flint and Kim Duggan, provided a home-cooked rehearsal lunch. I would also like to thank the many others who selflessly volunteered their time to support the event, making a very positive impression and ensuring an exceptional show!

As many of you probably noticed, we conducted a wing-level major accident/incident exercise on base last Wednesday and Thursday. This began with a day of increased security posture based on exercise intelligence inputs and ultimately culminated with an exercise aircraft crash on the base. To make a large, integrated exercise succeed takes the efforts of many organizations and individuals and this one was no different. Volunteers to be moulaged patients and exercise controllers began gathering at "0 dark 30" and prepared for the day's events. As someone said, "If Wyoming has a dry spell we should schedule an exercise and the rain will come." And it did!

Warren Airmen and civilians, as well as local first responders from the community and the Wyoming Air National Guard, performed an exceptional response to the complex scenario. Security was omnipresent and the medics treated patients and actually transported some to Cheyenne Regional Medical Center. One patient was even MEDEVAC'd by the 37th Helicopter Squadron from the exercise landing zone!
At the end of the day, the exercise generated a significant amount of important lessons learned and vital training. We will continue to place time, resources and efforts into conducting well integrated and complex exercises, as well as minimize any simulations. This helps sharpen our sword and ensures we are ready to fight anytime, anywhere. Well done to all involved.

Frontiercade took place on last Friday with 1,700 meals served. This event was sponsored by Frontier Oil, Spradley Motors, Halladay Motors, The Pointe, USAA, Warren Federal Credit Union, Armed Forces Bank, TriWest Healthcare, Orrison Distributing, Park University, Laramie County Community College, Allied American University, University of Wyoming, National Property Inspections and the Frontier Chapter of the NCOA. The Military Affairs Committee and Kiwanis Club along with base volunteers helped serve a free lunch. There were a total of 18 events and many displays and activities. The 90th FSS lead was Lorri Welsh and she was supported by many other volunteers.

The competition was fierce and fun. The large unit winners were; 1st place went to the 90th Missile Maintenance Squadron with 110 points, 2nd place went to the 90th Civil Engineer Squadron with 104 points and 3rd place went to the 790th Missile Security Forces Squadron with 100 points. The small unit winners were; 1st place went to the 321st Missile Squadron with 100 points, 2nd place went to the 90th Missile Operations Squadron with 72 points and 3rd place went to the 90th Missile Wing staff with 70 points.
We also finished up the Xtreme Team challenge. Many thanks go to Lt. Col. Shelly Strong, 90th FSS commander, and her team for putting on a summer long competition. First place goes to the 321st MS, 2nd place to the 90th Security Support Squadron and 3d place to 90th FSS.

What I am witnessing is a wing that understands the demands of the mission, but also the importance of the old adage, "Work hard, play hard." Continue to execute the mission with precision and reliability and carve out time for family and friends.

Go Forth and Conquer!