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What is a communications focal point?

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Chad Denaughel
  • 90th Communications Squadron commander
As many of you may already know, the 90th Communications Squadron, now aligned under Air Force Global Strike Command, operates a network help desk supporting F. E. Warren and the missile complex. However, what you might not know is the communications squadron eliminated their help desk function and transitioned into a communications focal point. So, you might find yourself asking the question, "What is a CFP?"

The function of a CFP is to consolidate all help and service desks found in a typical communications squadron, including maintenance and job control, telephone administration, the traditional network help desk and the personal wireless communications systems help desk. This allows for a more centralized process of gathering important data to identify issues and more efficiently execute scheduled and unscheduled maintenance actions along with authorized service interruptions. The CFP functions in direct support of the unit's operational mission, including support of voice and data network systems; i.e., routers, switches, servers, key systems and desktop systems, radio systems, video and all other communications equipment and systems while maintaining performance indicator visibility in one central location.

With the constant state of flux to meet today's mission requirements, the CFP, by collecting data from multiple internal sources as well as various Department of Defense agencies, will allow the communications squadron to more clearly establish priorities so limited resources are used when and where they are needed and used more efficiently as well. Basically, doing more with less - efficiency at its best!

Now that we have established what the CFP is, what does this mean to you? Well, first, it means as of Oct. 1, you now contact the 90th CS CFP at 773-4545. This is the primary CFP number, which is the same as it was for calling the network help desk. A seamless transition for our customers, right? That's our goal - the transition to the CFP should have been transparent to our customers. However, instead of just reaching the network help desk - you are now tapping into all of comm's resources where you'll receive a job number and it will be tracked to completion all via the CFP. The CFP function monitors the production effort to meet mission requirements by coordinating with work centers so you don't have to.

Sometimes, it may seem like change is the only constant in the Air Force; however, technological adaptation and evolution are the key to the U.S. military's preeminence of information and communication dominance. So, while the many great men and women supporting F. E. Warren continue to execute their vital mission, we at the 90th CS are working to make changes in our processes to create a one stop shop for all your communication needs.