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New Year’s resolution:“What should I do to make a difference?”

  • Published
  • By Chief Master Sgt. Marty Anderson
  • 90th Missile Wing command chief
Happy New Year to all! As we begin the new year, many of us are making new resolutions. I challenge you with this thought: great leaders never ask the question, "What is best for me?" but rather, "What should I do to make a positive difference?"

The second question demonstrates responsibility and ownership not only in Air Force Global Strike Command, but throughout the Air Force and in their day-to-day mission. This key concept separates the average from exceptional. But, it is not just the question that is important but the actions that follow it!

Col. Greg Tims, 90th Missile Wing commander, constantly talks about "character and toughness." Any Airman who can develop a vision for the greater good of all, develop a plan to achieve that vision and then carry out this plan, is someone with the character and toughness I want to see promoted to higher positions of responsibility.

Think of the leadership traits this type of Airman must have: Selflessness, loyalty, energy, decisiveness, positive attitude, responsibility, honor, integrity, enthusiasm and accountability.

A good leader will constantly evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of his organization, then envision what the organization should look like and finally develop a plan to improve on weaknesses while capitalizing on strengths. Even as great as our wing is within this command, we still have challenges and areas for improvement. Good leaders never stop striving to make things better.

What truly makes a leader great is the Airman who invites others to help in identifying and creating the plan to improve the organization as a whole. This leader strives to create unity of effort ultimately resulting in cooperation and teamwork! Everyone believes in and is working together toward the same goal. Imagine the synergy and positive working environment this organization would have.

This concept is not limited to commanders or chiefs, but to every single one of us. Leadership is not defined by rank or position but by quality of character. We all have great responsibilities regardless of rank or position and have the opportunity to make a significant impact within our scope of responsibility.

As you develop a new year's resolution, challenge yourself to look for opportunities to make a positive difference. The most powerful feeling in the world is one of accomplishment!