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Housing privatization “Home of the Blue” promotion campaign

  • Published
  • By Col. Greg Tims
  • 90th Missile Wing commander
The Air Force Housing Privatization program is one of the most successful quality of life initiatives in Air Force history, and has significantly improved housing choices for Airmen throughout the Air Force and at Air Force Global Strike Command's F. E. Warren. When the initiative began in 1996, Air Force housing consisted of 104,000 homes, most built 30 to 50 years ago. Of those, 40,000 were considered inadequate.

Since then, the program has delivered nearly 38,000 homes at 44 bases, and we are working to select developers for the remaining bases, and close transactions by the end of FY2011. We have demolished more than 15,900 inadequate housing units, built approximately 12,200 new homes, and renovated over 5,200 existing homes to meet modern standards.

Each month, housing privatization provides an average of 500 new or renovated homes at a lower cost than traditional military construction. To replace inadequate housing through MILCON would have cost $7 billion. Through housing privatization, developers have financed $6.5 billion in costs, while the Air Force has provided about $423 million in funding. For every Air Force dollar spent, the program has delivered $15 in private financing.

As part of a Year of the Air Force Family core initiative to build thriving communities for our families, the Air Force wants to ensure you have the information you need to make informed housing decisions.

In the coming weeks, you will see more information and opportunities to provide feedback about the housing privatization program. In the meantime, I encourage you to become an informed Airman. Ask questions. Speak to your housing office, and visit the HP website at to learn about the program.

Commanders and first sergeants are also taking an active role in the program. As your frontline advocates, they can help you better understand the tremendous benefits housing privatization provides, and they can ensure your needs are understood when we make housing decisions for the F. E. Warren AFB team.

Your leadership team has been heavily involved in F. E. Warren's housing development to ensure our families have the thriving Air Force communities they deserve. As Air Force Airmen, you are entitled to adequate housing, but I believe you deserve much more. You deserve a home, and the Air Force and its partners in privatization are delivering homes you can be proud of.