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Success is a team sport

  • Published
  • By Chief Master Sgt. Marty Anderson
  • 90th Missile Wing Command Chief
During the past two weeks our wing earned 14 prestigious awards. Col. Greg Tims, 90th Missile Wing commander, mentioned them in his commentary this week. What is more significant is these awards are due to the great team concept we have here at the Mighty Ninety! Even our MAJCOM first sergeant, senior NCO, and Airman of the Year winners will admit they had help in achieving their accomplishments.

Our culture is one of character, spirit, hard work, technical expertise and concern for the welfare of all; these awards validate these qualities.

I see it on a day-to-day basis when I visit our Airmen at Air Force Global Strike Command's F. E. Warren Air Force Base. My number one question is what are you working on? As the Airmen explain their jobs and how this impacts the overall mission, I can't help but get a feeling of pride, enthusiasm and dedication generated from the member. Their answers tell me a lot about the individuals and how things are going in the section and unit.

Their positive attitude is infectious and permeates through our entire wing. Every member wants to be a contributing member to our critical mission and continuously strives for daily excellence.

I wrote an article a couple of weeks ago about northern-tier toughness. In that article I explained some of the locations I've been assigned to did not have the best weather conditions or facilities. However, because of the people, they had the highest morale and camaraderie; making those assignments my most memorable. Being part of the Mighty Ninety is no exception.

Our team members are proud to see other members recognized for their accomplishments. This says a lot about the health of our organization. I have seen at some locations where awards create rivalry and bitterness, making for an unhealthy culture.

We do not have that here. I have seen nothing but congratulations and well-done comments from everyone. I am more than happy to put up with cold or hot weather at any location when we have a culture as we do here!

Colonel Tims has stated this publicly and I whole-heartedly agree; everyone is an important member in accomplishing our nuclear mission. When one unit is recognized, I believe everyone had a part to play because no one person is successful on their own. This is why true success is a team sport. Congratulations to everyone for making our wing successful!