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Mighty Ninety joins forces to make a difference

  • Published
  • By Col. Greg Tims
  • 90th Missile Wing commander
Got a little therapy on a bucket again this past weekend. Let me explain, normally I get my therapy going down a mountain on a snowboard in the winter months. In the summer I switch over to coaching baseball. I have to tell you, I am as comfortable wearing an Air Force uniform as I am sitting on a bucket with a mouthful of sunflower seeds coaching the 12 year-old Cheyenne Junior-League All-Star team. We headed down to Fort Collins, Colo. for our second tournament this year. We swept the other teams 4 to 0 with a combined score of 37 to 15. Most of my time is spent sitting on a bucket playing a chess game with the other coaches, who are always trying to figure out what signals I am sending to my players. It's a rewarding feeling to call a fastball and watch the other coaches yelling to the batter to watch for a change up. The joy of youth sports -- these are times I will never forget!

I really appreciate the 90th Medical Group hosting the Annual Retiree's Appreciation Day at the clinic. It is very gratifying to honor and help those who have paved the way before us. About 225 retirees from near and far came to participate in the 90th Missile Wing's Annual Retiree Appreciation Day. Master Sgt. Petra Rodriguez, 90th Medical Operations Squadron, and Master Chief Petty Officer (ret) Mike Archer, our wing Retiree Activities Officer, organized an event filled day. Col. Scott Fox, 90th Missile Wing vice commander, gave opening remarks, while the retirees were treated to a light breakfast. Attendees were presented briefings and browsed information booths including survivor benefits, TriWest services, commissary, healthcare tips and information, and local vendors and services. Prescriptions were refilled and immunizations were also available. Throughout the day, base members of the Company Grade Officer's Council, Rising 6, and Top 3 mingled with the retirees. The Rising 6 also provided a burger burn for lunch. Military Personnel Section opened to accommodate any retirees that needed a new identification card or Defense Biometric Identification System registration. Paula Taylor, Warren Museum, also opened the base museum for tours. A special thanks to Kathy Beatty, DECA, and her vendors for providing many of the food items for the event. Retiree Appreciation Day was a team effort by 90th MW members from across the base to ensure our retirees were provided a day in appreciation of their service and sacrifice.

Monday starts crime victims' rights week here. Our goal is to foster awareness of crime victims' rights while providing education and information on awareness, responsible choices and crime prevention. Expect to see silent witness silhouettes appearing around base as well as self defense classes, a panel discussion on crime and crime prevention, a display table at the Base Exchange and a memorial tree planting.

More good news continues to pour in, Capt. Sarah Hooker, 90th Medical Support Squadron, led our base 2011 Air Force Assistance Fund campaign with skill and precision. With still a few days before all donations need to be in, the Mighty Ninety is at 132 percent of our goal and has raised $71,585 for the Air Force Assistance Fund. Tech. Sgt. David Rivera, 90th MDSS assisted her and was instrumental in the wing's success. He collected donations, organized the materials and communicated with all of the group and unit project officers for a seamless campaign. Thomas O'Brien, 90th Force Support Squadron, our wing Air Force Aid Society expert, provided statistics of our use of AFAS funds this past year to help encourage more donations. Currently, we are in the lead for meeting our goal in Air Force Global Strike Command. It is gratifying to know that -- due to our wing's generosity -- we didn't need to extend our campaign. A special thanks to Capt. Justin Lonergan, 90th Missile Wing Legal Office, who collected 186 percent of his goal for the 90 MW staff. I always liked driving by the AFAF thermometer sign as it pushed upwards each week. I would like to extend my heartfelt thank you to all those who contributed. To Sarah and her team -- outstanding results!

Captain Mandi Fuller, 90th MW Inspector General, was the point of contact for the Cherry Creek High School visit we held last week. This was the second time Ann Moore brought over a group of high school students. These students are facing a cross-roads in their lives and many of the choices they have made have not been the best. So, Ann rounds them up and teaches a course based on the book by James Owen called "Cowboy Ethics." I really enjoy talking with them about how I grew up and some of the many challenges I faced and giving them the Mighty Ninety view on leadership. I really appreciated Senior Airman Jayana Bryant, 90th MW, for taking time to share her stories as well. We both spoke a lot about the trials and tribulations we have encountered in life. We spoke in depth about character and toughness and how important it is to embrace both of these traits -- and that these characteristic are not unique to the military. The students really enjoyed the tour of Uniform-01 given by Senior Master Sgt. Marc Vogt and Master Sgt. Carey Unruh, both from the 90th Maintenance Operations Squadron. Additionally, the military working dog demonstration narrated by Tech. Sgt. James Ramondetta, 90th Security Forces Squadron kennel master, and conducted by Staff Sgt. Bryan Porter, Senior Airman Carlos Ruiz, both 90th SFS, and military working dog, Bady. I heard Bady was on his best behavior for the kids.

Tours like these are important. It provides these young adults a chance to reflect on their current state and allows them to realize that making sound choices early in life can lead to a path of success. No need to follow the pack when the pack is heading in the wrong direction. Many of them came up to Senior Airman Bryant and myself and thanked us for one of the most informational and enjoyable tours they have received. A special thanks to all who contributed, and remember, the things you do impact people beyond the borders of the base.

This was a busy week with the first of three annual squadron code changes. Today, we will finish up with the 320th Missile Squadron. The code change this year is much more complex than in previous years. Countless members went above and beyond their daily tasks to ensure the success of this event. This herculean feat is truly a team effort, all the groups are engaged in one way or another as well as the safety office. This task is the largest peacetime effort we undertake and it must be done flawlessly. Great job Mighty Ninety, keep it up!

Go Forth and Conquer!