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Warren continues to lead with extreme confidence

  • Published
  • By Col. Greg Tims
  • 90th Missile Wing commander
Wow, the awards continue to pile up -- Air Force Global Strike Command just announced their maintenance awards.

The Colonel Edward D. Payne Missile Maintainer of the Year in the manager category went to Senior Master Sgt. Michael Whittaker, 90th Missile Maintenance Squadron; and the Supervisor category was won by Tech Sgt. Jeanette Boje, 90th MMXS. Master Sgt. Chad Hooks, 90th MMXS, won the Senior NCO Maintenance Professional of the Year award. The Maintenance Support Professional of the Year award, NCO category, went to Tech Sgt. Jeremy Spranger, 90th Maintenance Operations Squadron; and Senior Airman Aubrey Toney, 90th MOS, took the Airman category. The Maintenance Training Flight, Instructor of the Year was won by Tech. Sgt. Michael Shedd, 90th MOS. Well done to you all!

As you all know, our fire department is the best in the Defense Department. Well, last Saturday they were called to help two members of the community in distress. Staff Sgt. Jon McLean, Staff Sgt. Joshua Livingston, David Bushong and Heath Bichel, all from the 90th Civil Engineer Squadron, responded to a Fire District 8 call for support where two people were trapped in a 65-foot vertical opening to a cave in the vicinity of Highway 210 and Road 109 -- about 15 miles from here. Sergeant Livingston, Mr. Bushong and Mr. Bichel repelled down the cave to secure both people. One fell the entire depth of the cave and had sustained several injuries. The response lasted more than six hours, and both people were extracted safely.

We are finishing up our second code change -- 319th Missile Squadron this time. It takes thousands of moving pieces working together to pull off one of these events, and all are done with precision and perfection. Let's not take this lightly -- great job to all of you who prepared so meticulously and executed flawlessly. Another job well done!

I finished the book, "Start with Why," by Simon Sinek. It is a very easy read, and I'd recommend it if you have a few hours to spare. He writes about organizations having a purpose. Do all the members of the organization know the cause? Or even simpler, does everyone understand why the organization exists? He provides numerous examples of leaders and organizations that have flourished and those that have failed. He states there are leaders in every organization. However, in every organization there are "leaders," and then there are leaders who lead. He looks at long term foundational leadership as the key to success and permanence. He states, "Leadership requires people to stick with you through thick and thin. Leadership is the ability to rally people not for a single event, but for years."

When I look out into our organization, I see a wing, groups and squadrons that have done just that. The foundation is very strong here. This foundation will last after most of us are gone.

The vision and mission have permeated down the organization. When I am out talking with members of the wing, I see a clear purpose among all the Airmen to why we are here, and there is no doubt on the understanding of the cause. In fact, there is a blue collar swagger I see -- I like that! Not cockiness, but one of extreme confidence.

I see it in the eyes of our Airmen.

I'd like to share one more nugget from the book.

Simon writes, "The flag, for example is nothing more than a symbol of our nation's values and beliefs. And we follow the flag into battle. That's some serious power. Ever notice the patch of the American flag on a soldier's right arm? It's backwards. There was no mistake made, it's like that on purpose. A flag flying on a staff, as an army was rushing into battle would appear backward if viewed from the upper right side. To put it the other way around on the right shoulder would appear as if the soldier were in retreat."
One thing this wing has a crystal-clear understanding of is that we are very good at solving problems. We run toward danger, not from it. I know, because I have seen it in action, daily, for 22 months now.

Don't forget that this Sunday is Mother's Day!

Go Forth and Conquer!