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Daily excellence — NSI success!

  • Published
  • By Chief Master Sgt. Marty Anderson
  • 90th Missile Wing command chief
I am impressed by the day-to-day mission accomplishments as well as the positive attitudes our Airmen demonstrate here at the 'Mighty Ninety.' This behavior will serve us well as we focus on the Nuclear Surety Inspection in three weeks. I have no doubt the inspection team will quickly take note of the professional culture that exists within our wing!

What really grabs my attention is the fact that we strive for excellence on a daily basis. Our attention to detail in everything we do ensures we are prepared for an inspection anytime. Supervisors at all levels look out for their Airmen and follow-up on tasks, processes and additional duties. They understand the importance of this mission as well as the heavy workload that has been assigned to every Airman.

As I visit work centers my confidence in our state of readiness grows significantly. Our Airmen are looking forward to the NSI and can't wait to showcase their knowledge and dedication to our nation's defense.

I appreciate everyone looking out for each other and taking the time to ensure everyone is prepared for the NSI by asking questions or reviewing checklists to ensure nothing is overlooked that would cause a process error or inspection write-up.

No Airman within Air Force Global Strike Command wants to fail, and it is evident that our supervisors are engaged to ensure our members not only meet the high performance standards we expect but are setup for success as well.

I am looking forward to the NSI because I want the inspectors to see the professionalism, dedication, job knowledge, and customs and courtesies I witness on a daily basis. Due to our culture of teamwork and work ethic, I am sure we will set the standard for all other wings to strive for!