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A mighty attitude in the 90th

  • Published
  • By Chief Master Sgt. Monty Reeder
  • 90th Maintenance Group
By the time you read this we will have received our Nuclear Surety Inspection out-brief. I am certain that once again the 90th Missile Wing will have triumphed over our challenges. Why, you ask, am I so certain of this? Why would I commit such a prediction to print even before we come out of the battle? Because that is what we do -- we win.

In preparing to write this commentary I was reflecting about where this wing is and where it has been and honestly, the comparison between the peak and the valley is staggering. So I ask myself, "why is the Mighty Ninety in the position it is in? Why are we better now than in the past?" I came to the conclusion that it all comes down to attitude. This wing has a winning attitude. It has a "mission focused" attitude. It has a "daily excellence" attitude. It has a "seize the day" attitude that we have rarely, if ever before, been able to grasp.

Now, I have been at Air Force Global Strike Command's F. E. Warren Air Force Base on and off since 1995, so I have definitely seen the highs and lows. I can tell you I have never seen this wing, or any wing for that matter, in a better place. I am convinced attitude is what sets us apart from the other very capable units in AFGSC and from every other unit in the Air Force. We are good because we want to be. We win because we have the will to win. Our attitude is what drives the success of this wing.

I see this attitude in action every day. In my role in the 90th Maintenance Group, I get to see firsthand that our "mission first" attitude has us setting the pace in almost every category in the maintenance arena. But, I am also fortunate enough to see the "get it done" attitude of our defenders in the field and here on base. No one gets the kind of Security Forces support that we enjoy here at the Mighty Ninety. We have folks dispatching every day in vehicles maintained by the most dedicated Logistics Readiness Squadron mechanics in the fleet. They never say "can't or won't," they have a "we can and we will" attitude, and in a wing that drives over 7.2 million miles per year, that attitude is critical. I see the winning attitudes displayed by the chefs at the dining facility even when the Chiefs decide to come in and order breakfast five minutes before closing time. I am amazed at the attitude of the physical therapy staff at the clinic who "bring the pain" with a smile and continually assure me they can fix what years of sports and missile maintenance have damaged. The attitude is everywhere. We are the Mighty Ninety because we have a mighty attitude. Colonel Tims often challenges us to "Go Forth and Conquer," to that I emphatically say that our attitude won't allow us to do anything else.