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Change: Are you ready for it?

  • Published
  • By Barry Kistler
  • 90th Missile Wing Director of Staff
This is the time of year when every base in Air Force Global Strike Command sees a high percentage of military turn over, and F. E. Warren Air Force Base is no different with many senior leaders departing. This summer we've seen the departure of our wing commander, vice wing commander, mission support group commander, security forces group commander, and nine squadron commanders.

So what does this change in leadership mean to those of us left behind? The short answer is nothing. For the past 51 years this base has had a nuclear deterrence mission, and with our change of leadership our mission will continue, unchanged, as it always has.

But what is change? Change is making something different; to go through transition or transformation; or to give a different course, direction, or position. We face change every day of our lives. We watch the weather change with the seasons, or here in Wyoming the weather will change several times throughout the day. Our calendars change because of meetings that have been scheduled or because we've had to add new tasks and responsibilities. And the list goes on. But what happens to us with these changes? We adjust and move on. We may not like the change initially, but many times change is good so we quickly learn to embrace it and then it is no longer change. Change is only temporary.

Besides the change in people, will there be some other form of change? In all likelihood, yes. But I suspect that most change will be subtle, and will not change the direction this wing has been going for the past couple years under the outstanding leadership of our previous senior leadership.

We will truly miss each and every one of these esteemed leaders. Their replacements, Col. Chris Coffelt, 90th Missile Wing commander; Col. George Farfour, 90th MW vice commander; Col. Tim Dodge, 90th Mission Support Group commander; Col. Tom Wilcox, 90th Security Forces Group commander; and our nine new squadron commanders come with great credentials and experience, and I'm sure will introduce some change to the wing. Our job will be to understand their vision, reason for change, and fully support the direction they want to take the wing. Our new leadership team was sent here to continue the excellence that you've already established, not to negatively affect it. For that reason, the change we face is good. Change keeps us on our toes, keeps us in tune to improvements in our daily mission requirements, keeps us up with changes in processes and procedures, and keeps us up with changes in technology.

The men and women of the Mighty Ninety have established a clear record of sustained performance, upholding standards, and executing our daily mission with perfection, professionalism, and excellence. Although we will have change with the change of leadership, we will not change the way we attack, or our work ethic. It doesn't matter if you are military, civilian, or contractor; we all work daily to support our very crucial Air Force mission.

In the end, as our new leaders adjust to their new jobs (change), provide us with their vision and direction (change); we will adjust to them, so we embrace the change. Are you ready?