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Warren's Company Grade Officer Council looking to increase membership

  • Published
  • By 2nd Lt. Steve Dembkowski
  • 321st Missile Squadron
The newly elected officers of the Company Grade Officers Council executive board would like to invite all F. E. Warren CGOs to get involved with what will surely be a fun and productive year for everyone. In August, the executive board hit the ground running with its first official board meeting, and decided to focus upcoming events and activities on community service, professional development and social activities. These three pillars will offer new and senior CGOs alike the opportunity to connect with one another personally and professionally, while serving the community in a positive way and becoming better leaders of the Air Force at the same time.

"The CGOC board has focused its goals around the theme, 'back to basics for long-term success,'" said Capt. Justin Lonergan, 90th Missile Wing Judge Advocate and CGOC president. "This board has a great blend of new and returning officers, operations and support officers, and CGOs of different ranks. I am excited with the potential that this organization has to partner with our fellow private organizations to better the F. E. Warren community."

Given the number of CGOs on base, Warren's CGOC has a tremendous opportunity to impact the community and itself in a positive way. Through facilitating working relationships between officers of all career fields and backgrounds via the council's three pillars, a stronger and better informed corps of base CGOs can be empowered to work with and through each other to lead from the front. In more recent times, participation from CGOs in operations career fields has been limited, and given the size of the operations group and its number of CGOs, the council would like increased interaction with such officers so as to better support the base mission and the interests of those CGOs directly tied to it.

In addition to planning functions, the CGOC is continually committed to seeking the input of base officers with regard to ideas and suggestions of any sort, as well as working to resolve issues that face CGOs. Regardless of a CGO's involvement with the council, such input is always welcome and highly encouraged, as the council is the primary voice of base CGOs and seeks to serve in their best interests.

So, if you are a CGO on base and are looking for a great way to get involved with similarly motivated officers, the CGOC is a fantastic opportunity to work with others to further yourself as a leader on base and in the community. Participating in these types of functions with your peers will not only lay the foundation for making connections which will carry you far into your Air Force career, but the knowledge and experience gained will also prepare you to better lead well into the future.