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Reflecting on Global Strike Challenge 2011

  • Published
  • By Col. Christopher Coffelt
  • 90th Missile Wing commander
Congratulations, once again, to our awesome, award winning 2011 Global Strike Challenge team! This team was truly exceptional across every discipline and in every phase of the competition. It was quite a sight seeing our men and women bring home numerous awards which included: the Linhard Trophy for Best Missile Combat Crew (319th MS); the Neary Trophy for the Best Emergency War Order score (319th MS); Best Missile Maintenance Team Trophy; Best Power, Refrigeration, Electrical, Laboratory Team Trophy; Best Mechanical and Pneudraulics Team Trophy; culminating in the prestigious Blackburn Trophy for the Best ICBM Maintenance and, of course, the coveted Blanchard Trophy for Best ICBM Wing. The competition was extremely tight and every point earned by every competitor/team was absolutely critical to securing our final victory. We posted 3,357 points besting our next nearest competitor by only 15 points. My hat is off to every competitor, trainer, and support team member who put in countless additional hours training and preparing and led our wing to victory -- you all are the best and I couldn't be prouder of each and every one of you. In addition it is also important to note the contributions of some other very key people.

No team ever achieves this type of success without a bigger, strong, committed team standing behind and with them. Truth is, each of us owns a small piece of that Blanchard Trophy and helped produce this stellar team. The excellence with which you go about your specific daily duties in your workcenter, shop, or flight pushes our standard higher every day, helping produce such high quality competitors and trainers for Global Strike Challenge and fields the world's premier ICBM combat wing. These honors don't come easy ... they are the result of dedicated, daily excellence and hard work by committed, motivated Airmen under the guidance and mentoring of great supervisors and leaders. It is a sign of leadership at every level of the organization, ensuring we always have a culture of discipline, strict compliance, precision and daily excellence that custody of nuclear weapons demands. Additionally, as you have heard me say many times, it takes ALL of us, every day, to manufacture the maximum combat capability and readiness of our force for the commander of United States Strategic Command commensurate with the highest standards of nuclear surety.

So take a moment and reflect on how you helped develop, challenge, and push our team to new heights, resulting in this unbelievable, back-to-back Blanchard Trophy win and think about what you can do to start preparing yourself to make and/or develop next year's THREE-PEAT team! Congratulations to the entire team and each of you for all you do. Enjoy your piece of the Blanchard and keep up the great work!