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Mighty Ninety ROCKS the CUI!!!

  • Published
  • By Col. Christopher Coffelt
  • 90th Missile Wing commander
Congratulations to all my Mighty Ninety teammates for the absolutely awesome performance during the massive, comprehensive, nearly 200-inspector, Consolidated Unit Inspection! I could not be more proud of each of you and our collective team for the incredible results we posted which validated the excellence in each of our respective areas of responsibility and across the wing.

Overall, the 90th Missile Wing earned an "EXCELLENT" rating, which is truly amazing when you consider the fact that we were grilled by so many inspectors across every mission area on the base and in the missile field. Some of the highlights from our performance include: Security Forces, Financial Management and Comptroller, and Aircrew Flight Equipment who all crushed every aspect of their inspections as did our partners in 581st Missile Maintenance Squadron's Rivet MILE Open Launcher Team who also aced their Logistics Compliance Assessment Program (LCAP), administered by the Air Force Materiel Command Inspector General team. Other top scores were achieved by our Medical Group on their Health Services Inspection, our Intelligence and ICBM Operations areas (to include all the Missile Squadrons, the 37th Helicopter Squadron, and OGV), Aircrew Standardization and Evaluation, Information Operations, the Maintenance Operations and Missile Maintenance Squadrons, our Nuclear Weapon Related Materiel program, Civil Engineering, and many wing staff agencies (to include the Judge Advocate, Chapel, Historian, Safety, Information Protection, Equal Opportunity, Wing Command Post, Public Affairs, Wing Inspector General, and the Treaty Office)! You all met my commander's intent and emptied the Inspector General's pocket of coins and max'd the number of Superior Teams he could award. An incredible 45 Mighty Ninety teammates earned "Superior Performer" awards and an IG coin and an unbelievable 34 teams were awarded "Superior Team" honors--in total, 205 teammates (Airmen and Civilian) were recognized for their outstanding performance! I've included a list of these superstars and super teams with this article so that all of us get a chance to offer our personal congratulations to our award winners.

Once again, GREAT WORK everyone! As the mission permits, try to take a little time for yourself and your families/friends to recharge and ensure we stay sharp every day. If you find it hard to find such time, it is because you have such a critical job. The President and the American people have truly placed a special trust and confidence in us to ensure our nuclear combat strike capability remains always ready and constantly providing critical deterrence and protection of our nation and assurance to others around the world. In spite of the fact that we can't ever just "stand down" and enjoy a long week-end together, I firmly believe we can work some time-off into everyone's schedule at some point in the near future and I expect supervisors to ensure we do exactly that for our folks. It is your great dedication that delivered these great inspection results, but we must all keep our razors edge and still work to find time to take care of ourselves and those we love. Congratulations to you all, thanks for all you did to help us shine during this inspection, and thanks even more for what I know you will continue to do every day to excel at our critical, daily mission.