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Housing Privatization now in effect at Warren

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  • 90th Civil Engineer Squadron
March 8, Balfour Beatty Communities, a multi-national housing management construction company, took possession of all 3,602 base homes, now considered part of BBC's Western Group which is made up of the housing on four bases: Beale Air Force Base, Calif.; F. E. Warren Air Force Base, Wyo.; Malmstrom Air Force Base, Mont.; and Whiteman Air Force Base, Mo.

As part of this privatized housing contract, the Air Force leased approximately 1,600 acres of raw land west of Carlin Heights, and purchased 831 homes at F. E. Warren. With this action, all homes on base have gone into privatized hands. Without wasting any time, BBC began a housing improvement project consisting of three phases.

The first phase is the construction of 100 new homes for both NCO and company grade officers. The ground breaking with soil preparation took place May 1. This mixed community is expected to be completed late 2013.

The second phase of the project, beginning June 8, is the demolition of 100 older, but non-historic units in preparation for the construction of the 100 new units.

The third and final phase is the renovation in Atlas Housing, beginning in August. This renovation consists of converting the current garage into a full-sized two-car garage, an improved kitchen area, an upgraded entryway and a covered patio in the rear of the homes.

The renovation of historic homes will be based on a house-by-house assessment, with most receiving new flooring and appliances, -- older appliances in the kitchen will be upgraded to energy star compliant-- and new vanities will be placed in the bathrooms.

It is the intention of BBC with these improvements to improve the quality of life for servicemembers and their families residing on base.

BBC offers its residents a guide which outlines the rights and responsibilities of housing residents under privatization, therefore the F. E. Warren housing pamphlet once provided to housing residents no longer applies.

Along with the construction projects, there are some new services already being executed by BBC such as: lawn mowing provided on a routine basis, -- details are posted on the BBC Web site, -- and an active and easier recycling program, whereby a big blue tote is provided to housing residents to remove recyclables -- this is picked up twice a month. Community events are provided by the life-works office, located at 1925A
Seneca Ave., some examples of the activities are: a children's self-defense course, "Food Drive Tuesdays," story time, and Thursdays the "Walk, Run or Stroll Club" meets. You can follow these events on BBC's Facebook page.

One thing that hasn't changed with the transition to housing privatization is the dedication to providing quality services by both BBC and the Housing Management Office.

Throughout the transition and continuing into the future, both organizations are focused on serving the needs of the customer. For this reason the HMO is co-located with BBC in building 306. Services still provided by HMO for members living in privatized housing or off base are: providing a comprehensive listing of off-base rentals for those who do not qualify for privatized housing or wish to reside in the local community, housing discrimination cases dispute resolution with landlords, providing assistance with application for housing to your next duty assignment, moving orders for government-paid moves and helping with issues you have with BBC.

Services no longer provided by the HMO are: management of housing maintenance, offering homes to occupants, neighbor disputes and management of the wait lists.

BBC has a Facebook page which will help you follow their events on F. E. Warren. You can contact the HMO for further information at 773-1840, or via email at