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Teaming up with Safety

  • Published
  • By 1st Lt. Brandon Seale
  • 320th Missile Squadron
Have you ever wondered how significant safety and teamwork are to the daily mission? The Airmen of the 320th Missile Squadron understand and rely on safety and teamwork every day. The 320th MS is one of three squadrons in the 90th Operations Group located at F. E. Warren Air Force Base, Wyo. The 320th's daily mission is to provide nuclear deterrence for the United States and its allies. One vital way this daily deterrence is maintained is through the squadron's safety program and teamwork throughout the 90th Missile Wing. The 320th takes pride in making sure Col. Donald Holloway's, 90th OG commander, daily goal of safe vehicle operations to and from the missile field is carried out each and every day. One way we fulfill this goal is mandatory vehicle safety training upon arrival at the 320th MS.

Each new crew member must complete a driver-training course, in which both gravel and icy road conditions are thoroughly trained. Once this training is completed, each member is instructed on proper vehicle inspections; these inspections are required each day before the vehicle can be driven out to a missile alert facility. Another key piece of the vehicle safety program is the 90th OG operations desk. The ops desk is run by a deputy missile combat member scheduled from each of the three missile squadrons in the 90th OG. The ops desk is tasked with overseeing all vehicle operations driving to and from the MAFs from the time they depart F. E. Warren, to the time they arrive at each MAF. The ops desk will notify the crews of road conditions as well as track departure and arrival times. These times and data are all recorded and sent to the Transportation Control Center located on base. If weather or road conditions should change from the time the missile crews leave base to the time they arrive at their respective MAF, crews are able to update the other missile crews, as well as the ops desk via radios located in each vehicle. Each missile crew, as well as the deputy missile combat crew commander running the ops desk, monitors the same radio frequency while driving at all times. This allows for the most up to date information to be up channeled to the appropriate agencies, and further ensures our missile crews get to their destination in the safest manner possible, even if this means delaying the crews until the weather or roads clear up.

When you combine these safety measures each and every day, it allows the 320th to maintain the highest level of safety. This teamwork with various agencies on base ensures the crews tripping out to the MAFs are able to provide the nuclear deterrence our nation and Allies count on. The daily teamwork and safety procedures which are utilized every day are important to the 320th MS because they ensure completion of the mission in the most safe and efficient manner possible. Being able to provide this daily deterrence is due to the mission focus on safety and teamwork, which is taken seriously by each member of the 320th MS.