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Spring Cleaning with the Legal Assistance Web site

  • Published
  • By Capt. William Jones
  • 90th Missile Wing Judge Advocate
Have you updated your will? Is your Power of Attorney about to expire? You've been cleaning out the attic and sweeping out the garage, but what about your family's legal loose ends? Spring is a great time for your family to tidy up your legal matters, and the Legal Assistance website at is a great place to start.

If you are an active duty or reserve component member, retiree or dependent, you can use the legal assistance website to expedite your legal assistance visit to the 90 MW Legal Office. People can even access the website from the comfort of their own homes without using a common access card.

People can use the website before their legal assistance appointments. Log on to find tabs for pre-appointment legal worksheets, background legal information and client feedback.

The pre-appointment legal worksheets help prepare wills or power of attorney. By filling out an online worksheet ahead of time, families can talk about the critical issues and gather important information before leaving the house. When done with the worksheets, the legal office will use clients' "ticket numbers" and completed worksheets to prepare documents.

The legal information section of the website answers some common legal questions. It contains short articles on wills, family law and other common legal issues. The legal information section also features links to other helpful websites. Although articles are never a substitute for legal advice from an attorney, these educational articles can help people prepare for legal assistance appointments with a JAG attorney.

Feedback is crucial to the 90th Missile Wing Legal Office. Since legal assistance visits are private and protected by the attorney-client privilege, client feedback is the only way to tell us (and our bosses) how we are doing. After a legal assistance appointment, please visit the legal assistance website once again to rate and provide comments about the professionalism and helpfulness of our legal professionals.

It's the time of year for cleaning and organizing, but don't forget your family's legal needs. Get started by giving the 90th Missile Wing Legal Office a call at 773-2256 to schedule a legal assistance appointment. Then use the Legal Assistance Web site at to prepare for your visit!