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Voices of 9/11: Carla Winkler

  • Published
  • By Carla Winkler
  • 90th Operations Group

Sept. 11, 2001:


I had just gotten to work in the front office of the 90 OG.  The first plane had hit. We had a television in there, so we were all just in awe watching the events.  

As we stood and watched, we witnessed the second plane hitting the tower. Not long after that, we heard of the hijacked plane and then the Pentagon. 

It was very surreal and terrifying. Of course, as many, we watched as the towers came down. The OG commander wanted everyone to go into EWO because nobody knew what was going to happen. All I wanted to do was go get my kids from school and go home to my husband. I went into EWO with everyone else and after a while, they allowed non-essential people to go home and I believe the base went into FPCON Delta.  I left, got my kids and went home. 

For the next two weeks, we were not allowed to come to work and after that, shifts were staggered.  I remember coming to work (I come from North I25) and having to pull over on the interstate with a long line of others waiting to get on base until we got through the gate.  All vehicles were being inspected 100%, including underneath the vehicles. 

That day changed us all in a way we never thought would happen.