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Final Environmental Impact Statement for the Sentinel Deployment and Minuteman III Decommissioning and Disposal Published

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  • Air Force Global Strike Command Public Affairs

Pursuant to the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), the Air Force has prepared a Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) that analyzes the potential environmental consequences associated with the proposal to deploy the Sentinel Intercontinental Ballistic Missile weapon system, formerly the Ground Based Strategic Deterrent, and decommissioning and disposal of the aging Minuteman III ICBM weapon system.

Construction and operational activities would take place on-base and in the missile fields at F.E. Warren Air Force Base, Wyoming; Malmstrom AFB, Montana; and Minot AFB, North Dakota. Additional construction, maintenance, training, storage, testing, support, decommissioning, and disposal actions would occur at Hill AFB, Utah; the Utah Test and Training Range, Utah; Camp Guernsey, Wyoming; and Camp Navajo, Arizona.

The deployment of the Sentinel system would begin in 2023 at F.E. Warren AFB and be implemented at Malmstrom AFB and Minot AFB over the next 15 years. The Proposed Action would not include generating or disposing of nuclear material, and the number of land-based nuclear missiles would remain unchanged.

Members of the public who reviewed the Draft EIS published in July 2022 and provided comments in any format, are asked to see Appendix B of the Final EIS to review a response to their comment.

The Final EIS is available for download from the project website located at An electronic copy may be requested by calling (307) 773-3400 or emailing