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CGOC holds membership drive

F.E. Warren AFB, Wyo. -- The Warren Company Grade Officer Council held a membership drive in the Trail's End Club Jan. 5 to increase involvement.

The event featured Col. Allen Jamerson, 90th Security Forces Group commander, as the guest speaker.

Colonel Jamerson spoke about his development as an officer throughout his career and described the traits and behaviors of a good officer. He also stressed the importance of taking advantage of all opportunities that may come along.

"If it's an opportunity and you're good, the right people will see you," Colonel Jamerson said. "Also, be positive and enjoy what you're doing."

Colonel Jamerson also recognized the value of CGOC and what it can mean to an officer.

"You need a network to be successful here, throughout your Air Force career and throughout your life," Colonel Jamerson said.

"You are the people who are going to help each other be successful and help us get the mission done," he said.

The chance to network and meet officers from all different career fields is one aspect that draws officers to CGOC, said 1st Lt. Mike Weaver, 90th Missile Maintenance Squadron.

"Networking with fellow officers, both socially and professionally, is a valuable part of the CGOC," Lieutenant Weaver said.

"CGOC is valuable for creating connections for young [officers]," said 2nd Lt. Dominique Boivin, 90th Missile Maintenance Squadron. "When it's your first assignment and you really don't know what to do, the CGOC is a place for finding the answers, making friends and learning to be an officer."

The CGOC hopes to host more speaking engagements with a variety of leaders throughout the military and civilian world in the future as a way to increase professional development opportunities, said 1st Lt. Michael Hurley, 20th Air Force.