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Rising 6: New council pairs Airmen with junior NCOs

F.E. Warren AFB, Wyo. -- Previously, the Airman's Voice and the NCO council were the only avenues available to enlisted members E-1 through E-6 to voice their opinions and have the opportunity to volunteer in the community. Now these councils have combined, and a bigger voice will be heard at Warren. 

The Rising 6 council is the new joint council for enlisted members. The meetings take place on the last day of every month at 3:30 p.m. in the Trail's End club. 

The Rising 6 is the bridge for getting suggestions and opinions to senior officials to make a difference in and around Warren. 

"Enlisted members E-1 through E-6 work hand-in-hand every day," said Tech. Sgt. Michael Silva, 90th Medical Operations Squadron and one of the presidents of the Rising 6 council. "Councils like the Rising 6 enhance camaraderie." 

The combination of the two organizations will provide a bigger voice and a larger enlisted involvement. It also bridges the gap between Airmen and NCOs. 

"It's a good idea to have everyone work together as a single voice," said Airman 1st Class Ashley Palazzo, 90th Missile Security Forces Squadron and the Airman president of the Rising 6 council. 

"NCOs should lead the way for Airmen and be the examples," Sergeant Silva said. "Airmen should see their leaders and learn from those examples when given the opportunity to apply." 

Although the Rising 6 council has many objectives, there are three main interests for the group. 

The first interest is to have a powerful voice. The group plans to evoke change, provide the opportunity to exchange ideas with each other and higher officials, and resolve issues that enlisted members may have. 

The second interest is to allow members to mentor and to be mentored. The Rising 6 mentoring committee plans to set up seminars and sponsor open forums to discuss issues and disseminate knowledge throughout the ranks to subordinates, peers and supervisors. 

The third interest for the council is to be very involved in the community and establish relationships with community organizations. The council plans to resolve issues regarding the community of Cheyenne and beyond. The Rising 6 counsel will strengthen those community relationships. 

"We (Warren and the community) work side-by-side together, and the Rising 6 will only bring us closer," Sergeant Silva said. "Volunteering is everyone's responsibility. It gains the respect of the community, and the people you help, and that's very important." 

"Having a counsel like the Rising 6 gives the chance to be more involved and boosts morale," said Airman Palazzo.