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Family, friends send off 90th LRS members to Iraq

F.E. Warren AFB, Wyo. -- Airmen from the Warren's 90th Logistics Readiness Squadron deployed March 9, 2007 for eight months to Iraq. 

Family, friends and co-workers gathered at the vehicle operations building here to send the 10 Airmen off; some deploying for the first time. The deployed Airmen left Warren to attend training in Texas for 30 days before deploying to the combat theater. 

"It's going to be interesting. It's going to be a different experience," said Tech. Sgt. Jeremy Sudlow, one of the Airmen who deployed Friday. 

Sergeant Sudlow has been deployed before but said he has never done the types of operations that he will do in Iraq. Their mission in Iraq will include tasks such as convoys, transporting supplies, line hauls, escorting tractor trailers and other missions that involve vehicle operations. 

"It's a unique experience when you do something to help out another country," said Staff Sgt. Donta Wilson, who also deployed Friday. 

"I would say to other Airmen deploying to take pride when you go and be proud of what you're doing," said Airman First Class Chris Murray. 

This is Airmen Murray's first deployment. 

The Airmen prepared themselves in many ways for the long deployment knowing that their time in Iraq will not be easy. 

"This is my first deployment, so I try to talk to the other guys who have deployed and try to learn from their experiences," said Airman Murray. 

"You have to get your mind set for a deployment," said Sergeant Sudlow. "If you don't; it's going to be hard."