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90th MXG sees new combinations

F.E. Warren AFB, Wyo. -- Recently, there was a large scale reorganization of sections within the 90th Maintenance Group driven by a 20th Air Force initiative to consolidate and streamline the structure of maintenance groups. 

The reorganization included merging the 90th Maintenance Operations Squadron vehicles and equipment and recovery sections into one section called the vehicles and equipment section. 

Many 90th MXG members remember vehicles and equipment being one section when it was called the vehicle equipment control branch. Now, Warren is going back to the "one-stop shopping" practice for dispatching teams. 

The biggest moves included the disbanding of the 90th Missile Maintenance Squadron missile communications flight. The strategic communications, satellite communications and missile radio sections moved to the generation flight, and the hardened intersite communications section moved to the facilities flight. The visual intrusion and imagery detection system section moved under the 90th MOS resources flight. 

Two other reorganizations that have a significant impact on the group are the merging of the mechanical and pneudraulics sections and the facilities and periodic maintenance teams sections. These mergers increased these sections' responsibilities and better aligned them with scheduled maintenance timelines. 

The long-term challenge for every section affected by the merger is getting everyone trained while maintaining task coverage. For the mechanical and pneudraulics and communications sections, this will take a while given the abundance of tasks each section has. 

Despite all the reorganization going on in the 90th MXG, maintenance teams are dispatching like normal, ensuring missiles stay on alert.