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A career full of knowledge and education

  • Published
  • By Airman Sarah Post
  • 90th Missile Wing Public Affairs

F.E. WARREN AIR FORCE BASE, Wyo. – From start to finish, education and training plays a large part of a military career. Whether it’s upgrade training, testing for promotion or getting a college education, there are always opportunities to learn. 

The Education and Training Center is here to assist Airmen with any of their education or training needs, according to Ruth Schulerbrooks, employee development manager in the Education and Training Center.

“We have multiple sections in the education office,” said Schulerbrooks. “Education Services, Testing, Base Training, Formal Training, Civilian Training and the Skill Bridge Program.” 

The Testing Section provides opportunities for Airmen to take voluntary tests that will help their careers, such as the Air Force Classification Test, the Armed Forces Classification Test, Air Force Officer Qualification Test, language testing and basic aviation skills test. The testing center also holds required military training such as career development course tests and the Waited Airmen Promotion Section tests. 

Base Training is the focal point for Airmen that are upgrade training from 3-level to 5-level. Formal Training takes care of any schools Airmen will attend for their military career, including training TDYs, Officer Training School, Airman Leadership School and more. Both of these sections work hand in hand with the testing section. Civilian training encompasses all the training needs of civilian employees as well as their tuition assistance and education journey. 

The Skill Bridge Program is another section of the Education and Training Center. This program is run by the Department of Defense to help Airmen who are separating or retiring from the Air Force. Through the program, Airmen may have an easier transition from being in the military to having a civilian job. 

“We have a large umbrella of opportunity with all we offer,” said Schulerbrooks. “Our umbrella keeps everyone dry and happy while they achieve their goals.”

Education Services is the final section within the Education and Training Office. This section helps Airmen navigate through any of their education needs. 

From the beginning of an Air Force career, Airmen start earning credit toward a Community College of the Air Force degree. Education services help Airmen finish their CCAF degrees by taking classes or taking college level examinations, which allows Airmen to test for credit instead of taking a whole class. Education services can also help Airmen start a degree of any level with another school. This section provides guidance through each step of the education process. 

Another important part of education services are the three colleges that have representatives on base. Waldorf University, Grand Canyon University and Park University each have come to the base to give students more learning opportunities and a chance to take classes in person. The opportunity to choose between in-person classes and online classes benefits more learners. 

“The education and training office is important because we give information and guidance to all Airmen here on the base,” said Schulerbrooks. “We are the stepping stone for success to every Airman who wishes to pursue an education or advance in the ranks.”

Education and Training Center personnel are here to help every individual that walks through the doors. They want to help each Airmen achieve their goals and reach the next step in bettering themselves through education.