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Military Working Dog retires after nine years of faithful, loyal service

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“Military Working Dog Lord has been retired to our very own wing commander at F.E. Warren Air Force Base, Col. Catherine Barrington,” said Staff Sgt. Trey Perkins, 90th Security Forces Squadron MWD handler.

Lord V630 was born on Sep. 7, 2021 where he was assigned to Lackland Air Force Base and endured extensive MWD training. On March 31, 2014, Lord entered explosive detection training, which he graduated from on June 16, 2014. The process, on average, takes at least a year of training to make sure the MWD are up to par to go out and do their jobs.

“Every single time a MWD retires, it's a special event because they are service members just like we are,” explained Major Keil Luber, 90th Security Forces Squadron commander. “So, we treat them with the same dignity and respect that we do our own service members - and that includes retirement ceremonies.” 

Military working dogs are often a crucial aspect of a base’s mission. MWDs can range in skills from drug detection to explosive detection, as well as serving as a non-lethal option for neutralizing threats. Lord was a highly trained explosive detective dog. 

“MWDs are crucial for the mission as they are force multipliers,” said Luber. “These dogs can detect things that we can’t, therefore they are highly demanded across the world.”

During Lord’s service, he provided safety and security for the base daily, the personnel and the resources on F.E. Warren. Lord’s team recalls what a valuable member Lord has been to his handlers, saying he displayed all the Air Force core values. After years of hard work, Lord is ready to retire.

“The average service member who retires after 20 years will only have committed 25% of their life to the military,” said Luber. “Lord has commited 70% of his life in service to this country.”

After protecting the installation’s 6,000 acres, 7,100 personnel, 3,000 base residents and community partners, Lord is ready for his new home with the Barringtons.

“We are looking forward to giving Lord the forever home that he deserves, and we love petting him,  taking him for walks and playing with him, “ said Col. Catherine Barrington, 90th Missile Wing commander. “These dogs perform a critical mission for our nation and we’re so proud to have someone like Lord part of our family.” 

The other members of the Barrington household are also excited to welcome Lord into their home.

Col. Bill Barrington, Director of Logistics at 20th Air Force adds, “Lord has served his country faithfully, and we’re going to give him a very happy retirement with lots of treats and belly rubs to make up for years of hard living he had as a military member.”