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Paving a path to the future through innovation

  • Published
  • By Airman Sarah Post
  • 90th Missile Wing Public Affairs

The United States Air Force, along with the 90th Missile Wing, is continuously finding new ways to advance through modernization and innovation. One way they do this is through technology. 

The Military Personnel Flight from the 90th Force Support Squadron, Travel Management Office from the 90th Logistics Readiness Squadron and the finance flight from the 90th Comptroller Squadron are working together to create a new appointment booking system that will be more convenient and accessible for customers. 

The three squadrons are located in one building, but previously were unable to communicate efficiently with each other about appointments they had with the same person, and customers often had to wait for hours to see each office. MPF found the ‘Waitwhile’ system, a virtual queue shared by all three offices to eliminate this problem. 

“‘Waitwhile’ is a shared space between us, CPTS and LRS,” said Capt. Brandynne Cintado, MPF flight chief, 90 FSS. “We all have customer functions here, so the idea was to make our lobby a consolidated customer hub.”

The Waitwhile system is easy to use, according to Airman 1st Class Christopher Conrad from the 90 FSS, A customer can make an appointment by walking into the MPF lobby and scanning a QR code. The appointment will appear online where technicians can see all of the scheduled appointments, their times, what they are for and the expected wait time. The customer will also be notified of the expected wait time and how many appointments are ahead of them. When it’s time for the appointment, the technician will check the customer in through ‘Waitwhile’, and bring the customer into their office. Once the appointment is finished, the system will allow the technician to move onto the next customer. The same process applies to appointments scheduled online in advance. 

 ‘Waitwhile’ is creating a one stop shop for customers. Sign-in may happen in the MPF lobby, but each of the three offices can see the same online queue to track appointments and meet with customers. 

“This will allow more insight into how well and quickly our customer transactions are happening so we can adapt and provide the best and most expedient customer service,” said Cintado. 

The Airmen of the 90th Missile Wing are continuously pushing the Air Force forward through innovation.