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Fully vaccinated with mRNA Vaccines—Extra dose or booster  

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Graphic to accompany news stories without imagery to support the 90th Missile Wing, created May 28, 2021. (U.S. Air Force graphic by Glenn S. Robertson)


The doses (strength) for the Moderna and Pfizer shots are different: All Pfizer shots—primary 2-series and booster—are the same dose: 0.3 mL each. For the Moderna, however, only the primary 2-series shots are the same dose: 0.5 mL eachThe recent FDA EUA Moderna booster shot is half the primary dose: 0.25 mL. If you are 18 years or older and have completed  the 2-shot Moderna primary series at least 28 days ago, consult with your medical provider about eligibility/risks for a full strength (0.5 mL) Moderna third shot based on your profile—underlying medical conditions and/or occupational risks for COVID-19.

 Vaccination is 5 times more protective than natural immunity.

Get vaccinated, NOW. Keep wearing your face covering; Distance; Avoid crowds & unnecessary travel; Wash your hands. It’s not over until it is.  


90th Medical Group Monthly Newsletter November 2021