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Fully vaccinated with mRNA Vaccines—Extra dose or booster  

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Sky Wolf
  • 90th Medical Group

The doses (strength) for the Moderna and Pfizer shots are different: All Pfizer shots—primary 2-series and booster—are the same dose: 0.3 mL each. For the Moderna, however, only the primary 2-series shots are the same dose: 0.5 mL eachThe recent FDA EUA Moderna booster shot is half the primary dose: 0.25 mL. If you are 18 years or older and have completed  the 2-shot Moderna primary series at least 28 days ago, consult with your medical provider about eligibility/risks for a full strength (0.5 mL) Moderna third shot based on your profile—underlying medical conditions and/or occupational risks for COVID-19.

 Vaccination is 5 times more protective than natural immunity.

Get vaccinated, NOW. Keep wearing your face covering; Distance; Avoid crowds & unnecessary travel; Wash your hands. It’s not over until it is.  


90th Medical Group Monthly Newsletter November 2021