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Environmental assessment of 11 new electric pole structures

  • Published
  • By Travis Beckwith
  • 90th Civil Engineer Squadron
Black Hills Energy proposed to add 11 new electric pole structures to the existing power line on F. E. Warren Air Force Base to increase reliability of electricity.
There was a final finding of no significant impact for the proposed construction of 11 new electric pole structures on the existing Black Hills Energy power line.
The FONSI was completed pursuant to 40 CFR §1508.13 and 32 CFR Part 989 (Air Force Environmental Impact Analysis Process), where federal agencies shall complete an environmental assessment and, if appropriate, document that the action will not have a significant effect on the environment through a FONSI. 
F.E. Warren AFB completed an EA for the proposed action. The EA located at the link, considers the potential impacts of the proposed action on the natural and human environment.  Based on the information and analysis presented in the EA, F.E. Warren AFB concluded the proposed action does not constitute a major federal action significantly affecting the quality of the human environment when considered individually or cumulatively in the context of the referenced act, including both direct and indirect impacts.
Therefore, an Environmental Impact Statement is not necessary. The decision was based on the following:
  • The proposed action will impact approximately 1,100 square feet where 11 new electric power pole structures are installed on an existing line.
  • Resources such as air quality, safety, biological, socio-economics, etc. were reviewed and the proposed action will contribute negligibly to the base.
  • The proposed action will increase reliability of electricity for customers on F.E. Warren AFB and throughout Cheyenne. The No-Action alternative has potential to increase galloping lines, which could decrease electricity reliability. Lack of utilities could result negatively for F.E. Warren AFB and customers of Cheyenne.
  • The proposed action has been designed by professional electrical engineers.
  • Black Hills Energy’s senior environmental professional analyzed the proposed action for potential effects to threatened and endangered species in accordance with Endangered Species Act, Section 7(a)(2). Black Hills Energy and F.E. Warren AFB concluded that the proposed action would have “no effect” to federally threatened or endangered species or their habitat.
  • F.E. Warren AFB communicated a finding of “no effect” to historic properties to the Wyoming State Historic Preservation Office in accordance with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act.
The point of contact for this EA is Travis Beckwith, National Environmental Policy Act coordinator for F.E. Warren AFB. He can be reached at (307) 773-6607, (307) 275-0835 or via electronic mail at