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2020 annual water quality report

  • Published
  • 90th Missile Wing Bioenvironmental Engineering

According to results published in the base's annual drinking water Consumer Confidence Report, F.E. Warren Air Force Base continues to procure high-quality drinking water that meets the Environmental Protection Agency’s Safe Drinking Water Act standards. F.E. Warren does not use local groundwater for consumer usage and all consumable water is procured through the City of Cheyenne Board of Public Utilities located in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

F.E. Warren's drinking water is provided by the water distribution system and piped into any base facility.

If you have questions regarding the safety of F. E. Warren’s drinking water, please contact 90th Missile Wing Bioenvironmental Engineering at 773-3088 or 90th Missile Wing Water Quality Program Manager at 773-4359.

Click the link below to read the most current 2020 Consumer Confidence Report for F.E. Warren Air Force Base. 2020 FE Warren AFB Consumer Confidence Report.