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Good Order & Discipline: February 2021

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  • 90th Missile Wing Staff Judge Advocate


February 2021


The following incidents are ALL of the nonjudicial punishment, discipline related administrative discharges, and court-martial convictions that closed out during the month of February.


***WARNING:  The incidents portrayed below are REAL and reflect actual events.  The names have been redacted to comply with the Privacy Act.  If you value your Air Force career, you will not attempt ANY of the action described below.  IF YOU DO, YOU MAY RECEIVE DISCIPLINE.***



Nonjudicial Punishment (Article 15)


An Airman First Class (A1C) was placed into quarantine after being exposed to someone with COVID-19, and was instructed to remain in the A1C’s dorm.  On the same day, an Airman from the A1C’s unit was sent to the A1C’s dorm to check on them and make sure they had everything they needed (groceries, etc.).  After knocking for several minutes with no answer, the Airman called the A1C to ask if they were in their dorm.  The A1C replied,” yes.”  The Airman then asked the A1C to open the door because the Airman was outside and the A1C replied, “I can’t because I am at Walmart.”  The commander determined the A1C violated Article 84, UCMJ, and imposed the following punishment:  Reduction to the grade of Airman; reduction to the grade of Airman Basic (suspended); and a reprimand.  #stoptryingtosharetheRona #thecoverupmaybeworsethanthecrime

A Senior Airman (SrA) negligently struck a child in the face with a belt while disciplining the child.  Additionally, the SrA accessed an official government system and forward CUI information about the incident to the SrA’s personal email.  The commander determined the SrA violated Articles 92 and 119a, UCMJ, and imposed the following punishment:  Reduction to the grade of Airman First Class; forfeiture of $1185.00 pay for one month (suspended); and a reprimand.  #beltsareforpants #notanofficialuse


Administrative Discharges


*Administrative Discharges resulting from misconduct, including drug abuse, almost always result in a loss of some veteran benefits, specifically education benefits like the GI Bill. A discharge characterization that is not Honorable, may also limit future employment opportunities*


An Airman First Class (A1C) received an LOR for recklessly operating a motor vehicle and damaging three parked personally owned vehicles.  Additionally, during the A1C’s time at F.E. Warren, the A1C received one LOC, three LOR’s, and an Article 15 for failure to report to various appointments and for being absent from the assigned place of duty.  Finally, the A1C received an Article 15 for being incapacitated for duty due to a prior overindulgence of intoxicating liquor.  The A1C was discharged for Misconduct, Minor Disciplinary Infractions, with an Under Honorable Conditions (General) Service Characterization. #somanychances #drunkondutyisnotagoodlook

Court Martial Convictions


There were no court martial convictions during the month of February 2021.


*All Military Justice cases are decided individually on their own merits and facts.  There is no formula or table that determines the appropriate findings or action in a specific case. Specific cases are decided by the appropriate commander in that case alone.  The above incidents were what the appropriate commander decided in those cases and do not determine decisions for future similar cases, which could be harsher or more lenient.  I hope every F.E. Warren Airman will read the above incidents, discuss them with fellow Airmen, be good wingmen, and help each other every day to avoid getting their own hashtag.  #goodwingmenhelptheirwingmennotendupinthisemail*