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FE Warren Power Outage


Where did the power go and what do I do? These are questions the 90th Missile Wing leadership hopes you do not ask.

The 90th Missile Wing will shut the power off from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. to the entire F.E. Warren Air Force Base, Wyoming, Sept. 23, 2020, to perform upgrades and maintenance to a substation to support 90 MW's mission.

Personnel and families can find a fact sheet on how to Be Prepared for a Power Outage at https://www.ready.gov/power-outages. If people have questions, the 90 MW will have an expert on hand during the Sept. 15, 2020, F.E. Warren Virtual Town Hall on Facebook at @FEWarrenAirForceBase to answer your questions and concerns.

For those who can not tune in, you can contact Public Affairs at 307-773-3381 or 90mw.pa@us.af.mil for questions or concerns. Most services will be closed on base, and we ask retirees and veterans to limit travel to the base.

All stoplights on base will be completely off at all intersections and every intersection with a stoplight should be treated as a four-way stop for the day. Also, pay attention to the weather and be prepared to be without heat and/or cooling for the day. 

To keep your food from spoiling, please only open the freezer or refrigerator if necessary. Avoid stocking up on perishable foods before the outage. Prepare some extra ice to put in coolers or in the refrigerator to ensure food stays cool.

If you have special requirements or needs for your family or children, please work with your chain of command to address any issues. Also, consider taking this time, weather permitting, to take advantage of the many parks, natural areas, and public lands near F.E. Warren in Wyoming and Colorado. Other services that adhere to Center for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines are open and available in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and/or Fort Collins, Colorado.


  • The base exchange, commissary, and shoppette will be closed. 
  • Medical Care: The 90th Medical Group has rescheduled all appointments for Sept. 23, 2020 and will be closed. 
  • Force Support Squadron Facilities: Closed FSS facilities include (NOTE:  All food facilities with the exception of Chadwell Dining Facility will be closed):
    • Antelope Crossing Café
    • Aquatic Center
    • Arts & Crafts Center
    • Auto Hobby Shop
    • Awake Coffee Shop
    • Bowling Center  (open for breakfast but closed the rest of the day)
    • Civilian Personnel Office 
    • Education Center
    • Fall Hall Community Center
    • Family Camp Office (dry camp ONLY)
    • Freedom Hall Fitness Center
    • Human Resource Office 
    • Independence Hall Fitness Center
    • Indoor Archery
    • Information, Tickets and Travel 
    • Manpower Office
    • Military Personnel Flight 
    • Official Mail Center
    • Outdoor Recreation
    • Trail's End
    • Warren Adventure Park
    • Youth Center
    • Youth Center Annex / Teen Center
  • Facilities Open but with limitations
    • Family Camp is dry camp ONLY
    • Chadwell Dining facility is open with a limited lunch menu.
      • Breakfast is unaffected and will be served as normal.
      • Dinner menu may also be limited based on when the power is back on.


  • The child development center will have power and will continue to operate under COVID conditions with mission essential childcare. 
  • Family child care providers are communicating directly with affected families to determine care availability.


  • Freedom Elementary will not be affected by the power outage.