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Cardio: Health

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If I’m being honest, I hate forced cardio.

Now, I know I played football and ran track in high school, but no one forced me to do it. I, for the most part, enjoyed it.

Cardio is part of who we are as an Air Force and it is important to get that blood pumping. Since I hate cardio I had to find an enjoyable way to do it different.

Recently, I found out Freedom Hall Fitness Center began 13 weekly aerobics classes.

Their classes range from yoga and high interval training to something called ‘Blast: Spin’, which made me think, “Where are we blasting to? Has the Space Force already stood up?”.

First, I chose Zumba. I thought those classes died down, but F.E. Warren AFB is bringing it back! (Side Note: This was not my #1 pick but my wife used to do it and says it is a lot of fun.)

Back to Zumba. The only thing I could picture before going was a dark room with strobe lights, a trainer on stage with what seems to be 5 energy drinks worth of energy, and lots of sweat. I suppose you could say it was like that, without the super dark room and party lights.

The instructor was cool, full of energy, but that’s how it should be, right? I need someone to pump me up.

The other people attending the class seemed nice but, I didn’t really have the breath to talk. I mean Zumba is meant to make you breathe heavy and plus this altitude thing never goes away.

If you have never heard of Zumba, it’s basically an organized dance party where everyone does all the same moves in unison. So like marching in basic training.

I got the cardio done in a fun way. My endorphins were high and my blood was pumping. What more could you ask for? I would say nothing. Cardio can be fun.

Being healthy does not have to mean running around in circles like a hamster, unless that’s your thing. There are so many new and awesome classes the gym is offering.

Each month the schedule changes, but there are always classes available and the gym personnel strive to ensure everyone has the opportunity to attend at least event before work, after work or even during lunch.

If you are like me, lunch is for food, but that’s why the other times are so awesome.

Consider checking out a class and meet with the instructors. The Airmen working in the gym had nothing but wonderful things to say about the instructors to me.