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Resetting for better customer care


The 90th Medical Operations Squadron Primary Care Flight is resetting the way their clinic operates by initiating a program called RESET. The program stands for rewarding, efficiency, setting priorities and empowering team members.

Ramstein Air Base, Germany, started RESET to change the way patients interacted with their primary care manager team and to make the team more efficient. The team at Ramstein AB provided the building blocks to the rest of the Air Force so medical staff at other bases could start the program as well.

“The goal of RESET is to empower primary care teams to take care of their patients and demand accountability for that care,” said Lt. Col. (Dr.) Luis Otero, 90th Medical Group chief of medical staff. “Rather than taking the traditional medical service approach we are now asking our PCM teams to meet the demands of their patients in a fashion that is consistent with our patients’ desires.”

The tools RESET offers allow providers to reduce their average number of appointments from 10 per day to 18 due to the introduction of virtual appointments.

“With RESET, we are able to take care of many of our patients’ needs virtually,” said Capt. Rustin Rawlings, 90th MDG primary care physician. “This saves time for patients because they don’t have to come to the clinic, take time off work, find a babysitter, etc. On top of that many patients have been more willing to open up to us because they’re in the comfort of their own home.”

The main goal of RESET is to increase patient access to their PCM via virtual appointments or face-to-face. Virtual appointments have allowed doctors more time to see patients.

“This allows for care to be more time friendly and accurate,” said Otero. “A patient’s PCM team knows their medical history inside and out. Efficiency and safety have to be a priority, and RESET ensures that.”

The ‘R’ in the program increases value and motivation of the teams by rewarding them with a well-managed workload, promoting innovation, and a work ethic that allows them to enjoy their work.

“The RESET program has allowed the productivity of this flight to increase exponentially,” said Major Toni Davidson, 90th MDG Primary Care Flight commander. “We hope that this program will help other flights to increase efficiency and patient care.”

From the ‘Ramstein RESET’ video, one of the primary points is doing tomorrow’s work today.

For more information on RESET and how it works follow this link: