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Housing Town Hall: What you missed

FE WARREN AFB, Wyo. -- In case you missed the Housing Town Hall meeting on April 26, here are some quick notes on what you missed!


General contact info
◦ Community Management Office: 307-432-0300
◦ Maintenance/Self Help: 307-637-6102
◦ Neighborhood Center: 307-514-5000
Free services provided
◦ Bulk trash pick-up
◦ Deployed Spouses Program: This is a program provided by BBC to spouses of deployed military members. It is designed to help these spouses with maintenance around the house that they may not be able to do themselves. Services provided include shoveling snow from your driveway, mowing your yard, pulling weeds, assembling furniture, and any other maintenance requests. Call BBC for more information.
◦ Dog park in Atlas Central- BBC is adding toys and training installations in the upcoming months.
• Call BBC to reserve the neighborhood center for free. This can be used for an assortment of events including family reunions, birthday parties, baby showers, etc.
• The Self Help office provides free equipment for you to borrow to spruce up your yards and houses:
◦ leaf rakes
◦ grass seed
◦ mulch
◦ top soil
◦ mouse traps
◦ touch-up paint
◦ general upkeep of house
◦ hoses, sprinklers, wheelbarrows
◦ protective equipment
Bat Awareness
◦ Bat season is coming up from May-September
◦ If you see a bat in or around your house, a vendor will come out to take care of any issues
◦ Try to notice openings in house that may allow bat to enter, and call maintenance if any are found:
▪ missing chimney caps
▪ ripped or missing window screen
▪ draft guards that are needed beneath doors to attics
▪ doors to outside that do not close tightly
◦ Please do not attempt to catch a bat yourself
6th Annual Flower Give Away
◦ June 2nd 0900-1200
◦ 5806 10th Calvary Ave, Bldg. 330
◦ Come out and enjoy food and games, while receiving free flowers for your backyard!
◦ Monday: Peacekeeper Heights
◦ Tuesday: Atlas West and Central
◦ Wednesday: Atlas East
◦ Thursday: Historic District Quarters 1-92
◦ Friday: Historic District Quarters 93-131 and Sergeants Row
◦ Please make sure that all of your personal items are out of the yard so that the landscaping teams can do their job!
Moving out for PCS
◦ BBC helps you prepare by giving pre-inspections
◦ Don’t forget to give the Housing Office 30 days’ notice of your final out day
◦ REMEMBER, you need to final-out of housing before you final-out of the base
◦ See the Housing Management Office if you are moving off base to see if you are entitled to a paid move
◦ Call in bulk pick-up for the Tuesday before you leave at 637-6102
◦ Find all sets of keys to avoid paying a fee
◦ Schedule carpet cleaners or sign up for our carpet cleaning services
◦ All charges are due at the time of move-out
◦ The house must be empty and doors locked behind you
◦ Back yard: mow, pull weeds and pick up pet waste prior to leaving
◦ Ask the resident specialist about purchasing blinds at the time of move-out
◦ Many activities and classes are offered, such as Sushi Making classes and Coffee Tastings
◦ A Yard Sale will be held 19 May
◦ See the BBC Facebook page for the full calendar


HMO acts as a tenant/landlord liaison and mediation coordinator
◦ Website: homes.mil
HMO will verify your eligibility on your housing application
HEAT: Housing Early Assistance Tool
◦ Request info about government, privatized and local community housing
◦ Holds info for off-base housing and current rentals in the local community
◦ homes.mil/heat