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Security is everyone’s business

Graphic explains SALUTE, which stands for size, activity, location, uniform, time, and equipment.

Remember to report suspicious activity using SALUTE, which stands for size, activity, location, uniform, time, and equipment. (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Abbigayle Wagner)


The law enforcement agencies at F.E. Warren Air Force Base work vigilantly every day to keep the base safe. Although the base is in good hands, they cannot be everywhere at once. That’s why it is up to every man, woman, and child living and working on base to help our defenders with base security.

This doesn’t mean arm up and man the fences—you can make a huge difference in a much easier way. By keeping your eyes peeled and reporting suspicious activity, you have the power to stop a potential threat.

“Everyone associated to the base and community is a force multiplier for base defense,” said Special Agent Rocco, Air Force Office of Special Investigations. “Most overt actions to assess the base are done in plain sight, however not necessarily around a uniformed member or other law enforcement.”

Before you can report suspicious activity, you have to know what to look for. A person closely watching the base or military activities could be a threat. For example, if someone is photographing or videotaping the front gate, using binoculars to see things on base, or taking notes of base activity, you should report it.

Someone who knows you live or work on base could try to maliciously elicit information from you. A red flag would be if someone approaches you asking about where a particular building is on base and how many people work there. Or they may ask which restaurants off base military personnel most like to visit. Questions like these may seem innocent, but they should be reported.

There are countless actions that could set off red flags. The most important thing to remember is to have situational awareness, trust your instincts if something doesn’t feel right, and don’t hesitate to report what you see. It can’t hurt, but it could prevent a potential incident.

“Even if a report does not become fruitful, the tips keep Air Force OSI, Anti-Terrorism Office, and other base law enforcement in the loop of what everyone else is seeing when we cannot leave the office,” said Rocco. “Patterns of behavior are compiled and shared amongst threat working groups and law enforcement entities. Every step towards base defense is because of an incident or intel that was funneled through the threat working groups.”


When you see something and decide to take action, remember to report using SALUTE, which stands for size, activity, location, uniform, time, and equipment. Take note of how many were in the group you saw taking part in the suspicious activity, what they were doing, where they were, what they were wearing, the time, and what equipment they had with them.

This does not only apply to incidents on base. Team Warren maintains a close working relationship with local and federal law enforcement agencies. If you see something off base that should be reported, you are encouraged to do so.

Call (307) 773-3501 to report suspicious activities, and save the number in your phone so you’re always ready. Learn about OSI’s Eagle Eyes program at this website: www.osi.af.mil/Home/Eagle-Eyes/

By having the “see something, say something” mindset, all personnel can work together as extra pairs of eyes for our defenders, making F.E. Warren even more secure.