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Warren Adventures: Skiing and Snowboarding


"Please don't let me fall," I whisper to myself as the ski lift approaches the top of the mountain. That would just ruin my day.


Besides my slight fear of ski lifts and their lack of harnesses, my ski trips with the base outdoor recreation center are the highlight of my winters here in the area.


Carving my mark on the snow-draped mountains as I slide down is what winter is all about. That and hot chocolate.



For those who have never gone on a ski trip with outdoor rec, let me give you the low down.


The trip started out just like all the others, arriving before even the roosters wake to load up the van and sign waivers since snowboarding and skiing are considered a risky sport.


If I'm lucky, I can sleep during the 2-3 hour drive to the mountains; Although, on this particular trip, there were more accidents on the road than usual resulting in a longer drive from and to the base.


Once at the mountain, we are given our ski lift tickets and told the meeting time for when we needed to be back on the bus.


During the next 6-8 hours, the time is your own to have fun, ski, snowboard, eat, and relax by the fire. Depending on the ski resort you're at, there are many activities available.


During my recent trip to the Vail Ski Resort in Colorado, the 2018 Burton US open competition was happening. I got to see the snowboarding half-pipe competition up close. If I had stuck out my hand over the half-pipe, I'm sure one of those sharp snowboards would cut it off, that's how close I was able to get.


I know there are many activities out there I could find on my own, but my favorite part of outdoor rec trips is they are very affordable when compared to the resort's prices at the mountain. They also rent out the equipment, like a one-stop shop.


Overall, I enjoy these trips and recommend them to anyone, from beginners to professionals. Warren adventures are out there! Stay tuned to our website for more adventures!



Photos from the 2018 Burton US open.