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National Doctor’s Day: Recognizing Warren’s Physicians

F.E. Warren Air Force Base, Wyo. --

In 1990, the House and Senate officially declared March 30th, Doctor’s Day. It’s a time set aside to officially recognize our doctors who take care of us every day. Many times they can go under-appreciated because of the routine of not seeing them often.


Here at F.E. Warren Air Force Base, we want to thank our doctors for everything they do for the community. By name, here are our outstanding Warren Doctors: Lt. Col. Justin Tingey, Lt. Col. Luis Otero, Lt. Col. Michael Clay, Maj. Jason West, Maj. Michelle Stoddard, Maj. April Woody, Capt. Kasey Welch, Capt. Rustin Rawlings, Capt. Matthew Uy, Lt. Col. Beth Tomic, Maj. Tann Jones, Capt. Margaret Matthews, Capt. Patrick Burkardt, Capt. Joseph McDaniels, and Dr. George Hilgendorf.  


By delivering exceptional healthcare to all they serve, they make sure 90th Missile Wing families are healthy, which allows our active duty Airmen to focus on our nuclear deterrence mission. Their motto: Trusted Care, Anytime, Anywhere.



Physicians:  Why did you choose medicine, what do you like about it?



Lt. Col. Justin Tingey, 90th Medical Group, aerospace medicine and flight surgeon


- “I grew up watching MASH and thought it was the coolest job in the world”.




Lt. Col. Luis Otero, 90th Medical Group, family medicine


- “I love the challenge of developing a relationship with a patient and helping them reach their health goals”.



Lt. Col. Michael Clay, 90th Medical Operations Squadron, Family Medicine and Flight Surgeon


- “It’s the right fit, my mom was a nurse. I like the interaction I get with the patients”.



Maj. Jason West, 90th Medical Operations Squadron, staff psychiatrist


- “It was the best way to help my family. I like seeing people improve over time”.



Maj. Michelle Stoddard, 90th Medical Operations Squadron, family medicine


- “I like people and I like science. I like the variety family medicine brings”.



Maj. April Woody, 90th Medical Operations Squadron, director of pediatrics


- “I wanted to become a pediatrician after teaching swimming to an inspirational child who had a brain tumor and was very resilient. I love my patients and seeing families grow with their child during the different stages of development. Supporting the families so that the active duty members can do their part with the Nuclear Mission [is why we’re here]”.



Capt. Rustin Rawlings, 90th Medical Operations Squadron, family medicine


- “I wanted to work with people, helping them. I like the patient interaction the most”.



Capt. Matthew Uy, 90th Medical Operations Squadron flight surgeon


“The ability to help people with their medical problems and help plan as part of the care team. I love getting people back to what they love, like flying helicopters, sports, or spending time with their families. What’s unique to this job is the PRP aspect. It adds an extra parameter in terms of reliability in relation to emotional, mental, and the physical state of the PRP individual.”



Dentists: "Why did you want to be a dentist and what do you like about it?"



Maj. Tann Jones, 90th Dental Squadron dentist


-“My two older brothers are both dentists. Dentistry provides a healthy lifestyle and the ability to enjoy family time. I love seeing patients smile and I like the variety and being artistic.”



Capt. Margaret Matthews, 90th Dental Squadron dentist


- “Being a dentist mixes medicine and art.”



Capt. Patrick Burkardt, 90th Dental Squadron dentist


-“I wanted to be in the health career field, improving people's lives and I enjoy working with my hands and being artistic. I have the opportunity to own my own business and I can serve the under-served population.”



Dr. George Hilgendorf, 90th Dental Squadron dentist


-“I originally wanted to be a physician, but liked the idea of not pulling call and having regular hours. I like fixing up people and making them feel better.”