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Disciplined Self-Isolation:
Stringent, self-enforced separation of healthy personnel from the general population in areas with community spread in order to prevent the spread of a contagious disease from sick people to healthy people. As such, employ the following measures:

- Remain in your place of residence at all times, with the following exceptions:

- Accomplish mission essential duty tasks as directed by your chain of command

- If outside, strictly adhere to Social Distancing (see below for Social Distancing)

- Essential trips for food, medicine, or to seek medical care

- Make a reasonable effort to limit close contact with others in the residence and family members (as applicable) for example, separate bathrooms as available and sharing of household items, and encourage any family members or personnel in your home to strictly adopt Social Distancing and enhanced personal hygiene measures

- Minimize exposure outside of home (do not go to restaurants, bars, or other social gathering places)

- Avoid public places containing 10 or more people to the maximum extent possible

- Practice good hygiene/immune building skills, such as, frequent/thorough hand-washing, getting adequate sleep, exercising and healthy eating

- If you or your family begin to experience flu-like symptoms, execute the following:

- During duty hours: Contact 307-773-3461 [Do NOT report to the clinic]

- Outside of duty hours: Call the Nurse advice Line (1-800-TRICARE)

- Monitor yourself for fever at least twice a day, with a thermometer if possible

Social Distancing:
Remaining out of congregate settings, avoiding mass gatherings and maintaining distance (approximately six feet) from others when possible. As such, employ the following measures:

- Avoid large gatherings and public locations where it is difficult to maintain a six foot separation from people in areas such as bars, raves, clubs, crowded restaurants, theaters, etc.

- When essential to go to public areas, do so during hours when they are less likely to be crowded and avoid close contact with sick people.

- At all times, try to maintain a six foot separation between yourself and other people outside of your family.

- Exercise disciplined hand-washing and personal hygiene measures

- Clean your hands often; soap/water; avoid touching your face

- If soap is not readily available, use a hand sanitizer that is at least 60% alcohol

- If possible use a wipe, glove, etc. for public use touch points in common areas