NCO Professional Enhancement Seminar

NCO PES - ​In accordance with DAFI 36-2670, "This seminar is designed to augment, not replace, information taught in basic military training, technical training, ancillary training, Airman Leadership School, job experience, and Air Force Handbook 1, The Airman Handbook. The course is designed for noncommissioned officers who completed Airman Leadership School and who​ have not yet attended the Noncommissioned Officer Academy."


The ​NCO PES is open to any noncommissioned officer when seats are available.

The NCO PES is a 3-day course.

The NCO PES will be offered at least four times per year. 

The NCO PES does NOT hold a graduation ceremony.

The required uniform is OCPs. ​​​​​​​ 


The NCO PEC is held at the Professional Enhancement Center 
7205 Randall Ave
Bldg. 214


12 - 14 September, 2023