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Housing Support Contacts

We know there have been concerns about how to get assistance for housing issues please see the four ways below to get assistance.
1. Balfour Beatty Communities at 307-637-6102 or the residential portal.
2. If the issue remains unresolved or you want to reach out to the Base Housing Management Office (HMO) to advocate for you, please contact them at 307-773-1840 or 90CES.CEH@US.AF.MIL
3. 90 Missile Wing leadership 90mw.pa@us.af.mil or PM.
4. Air Force Privatized Housing 24/7 Help Line at 800-482-6431,




Here are the initial results of lead tests in HISTORIC housing. 

Here are the previous result from ATLAS Communities.


The town hall summary is posted on the @FEWResponse page. We posted the questions and answers. Please refer to the link.




We started testing all of the homes in Atlas East/West and the historic homes on Sept. 17. Homes with kids 6 years or younger or family members with special needs will take priority. Please contact Balfour Beatty Communities to ensure your family information is correct. BBC will notify families 48 hours in advance before the test; please get your homes ready.

The testing process will take time; each result will take 10-14 days to obtain. Remember, the only way to get lead in your system is by ingestion. If you are concerned, please get your, and your family members’ blood tested. If you have questions about your lease or have other concerns about your home please contact BBC.


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