Short and long term pass and EAL procedures

Procedures for visitor passes for F. E. Warren Air Force BaseVisitors requesting unescorted entry onto F. E. Warren AFB must be sponsored by an authorized individual, issued a pass or be listed on an approved Entry Authority List. Visitors 16 years and older must have a valid driver's license, state issued ID or passport. Visitors younger than the age of 16 may enter the base with any person authorized unescorted access. Visitors driving on the base must also have current registration and insurance for their vehicle. Passes are issued at the visitor control center, Bldg. 426, located outside of the main gate open daily from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. After these hours, passes will be issued at the main gate.

All active duty members, their dependents (16 years of age or older) and civilian government employees may act as a sponsor. Military dependents younger than 16 may escort individuals on base, but cannot be a sponsor. The sponsor will determine the duration of the visit.

Short Term Passes
Short term passes will be issued at the VCC and will not to exceed thirty days. Personnel may sponsor an unlimited amount of visitors, but requests to sponsor 10 or more visitors at one time must be routed through the 90th Security Forces Squadron Pass and Registration office for approval. Short term passes may be prepared in advance for a visitor providing the visitor has been issued a scanable pass from DBIDS 4.0 here or another installation. Visitors that have not been issued a scanable pass in DBIDS 4.0 may have a sponsorship pre-notification form accomplished by the sponsor available at the VCC located outside of the main gate. The sponsor must physically go to the VCC to request the pass or pre-notification to ensure the visitor is properly vetted in NCIC. Visitors issued a scan able pass from DBIDS 4.0 already will have their visitor pass printed and kept on file until the visitor arrives to sign the pass. Visitors with a sponsorship pre-notification on file will have their pass printed when they arrive at the VCC based on the pre-notification. Visitors arriving after 6 p.m. must have their sponsors meet them at Gate 1 to receive a temporary 72 hour pass. Prior to the pass being issued to the visitor all pass information will be verified against their driver's license, state ID or passport. Passes issued at the VCC will not exceed 30 days. Passes issued at Gate 1 will not exceed three days. Please contact the 90 SFS/S5P office for any questions at 307-773-1853.

Long Term Passes
For pass requests longer than 30 days the sponsor must fill out a long term pass request at the Pass and Registration Office and must be approved by 90 SFS/S5P.

Large Groups (Wedding Receptions, birthday parties etc.)
For groups of 10 personnel or larger, the sponsor must give advance notice of guests in written format to Pass and Registration no later than 14 duty days prior to the scheduled event. Once approved by the Pass and Registration Office, the EAL is disseminated to the base gates and the VCC. The EAL must contain the person's full name, date of birth and an ID number for those 16 years old and older (i.e., drivers license, passport number or state issued ID). If anyone listed on the EAL will be driving on the installation, they must have a valid driver's license, insurance and registration. Please contact the Pass and Registration Office at 307-773-1853 for EAL format or any questions.