Road map to personnel services

by Capt. Natalie Jolly
90th Force Support Squadron

6/23/2008 - F.E. Warren AFB, Wyo. -- As of December 31, 2007, the Air Force has required bases to centralize all personnel operations at the base Military Personnel Element. 

With cutbacks in funded personnel positions Air Force wide, this was required to continue support to our customers. 

Warren's MPE is located in Bldg. 1284, along with finance, installation readiness and the traffic management office. The MPE has three sections: customer service, force management and career development. 

The customer service section provides base inprocessing, ID cards, basic allowance for sustenance, awards and decorations updates, and SGLI updates. They also provide copies of personnel records to commanders for writing evaluations and decorations and certifying the personal reliability program. 

Customer service is a very busy area, as they support not only Warren members, but also geographically separated military, dependents and retirees needing updates to the Defense Eligibility Enrollment System or ID cards. 

The force management section is responsible for processing LeaveWeb, enlisted performance reports and officer performance reports, duty title changes, duty status changes, Air Force specialty code classifications and G-series orders, along with many system-specific updates. Force management also works closely with the personnel systems office to provide commanders and their designees access to personnel management programs, which include the case management system and base level service delivery model. 

The career development section is responsible for programs that affect a member's career movement in and out of the base, as well as up and down the rank structure. The technicians there can assist someone with retirement, separation, re-enlistment, permanent change of station assignments, Weighted Airman Promotion System test dates, retraining or promotion-related issues. Base PRP is also a part of the career development section. 

Additionally, personnel programs continue to be managed at the unit level without personnelist support as commanders struggle to include evaluations, decorations, and other personnel-related requirements in their busy schedules and suspense logs.
As a member and supervisor, make it a priority to help the chain of command by frequently checking Virtual MPF online and ensuring personnel information is current and accurate. 

Virtual MPF, as well as the Automated Records Management System, where you can electronically view your personnel records, are on AFPC Secure, located on the AFPC Web site at or through the Air Force Portal.
Additionally, the 90th Force Support Squadron MPE maintains a community of practice full of information, procedures, frequently asked questions and other personnel information located at 

Remember, no one knows your career better than you do, and now you have the freedom to review and manage your personnel information any time. Thank you for all you do to support the Air Force mission, and I am proud to serve and support you.